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# Copyright 2007 Google Inc. Released under the GPL v2
This module defines the SourceKernel class
SourceKernel: an linux kernel built from source
from autotest_lib.server import kernel, autotest
class SourceKernel(kernel.Kernel):
This class represents a linux kernel built from source.
It is used to obtain a built kernel or create one from source and
install it on a Host.
Implementation details:
This is a leaf class in an abstract class hierarchy, it must
implement the unimplemented methods in parent classes.
def __init__(self, k):
super(SourceKernel, self).__init__()
self.__kernel = k
self.__patch_list = []
self.__config_file = None
self.__autotest = autotest.Autotest()
def configure(self, configFile):
self.__config_file = configFile
def patch(self, patchFile):
def build(self, host):
ctlfile = self.__control_file(self.__kernel, self.__patch_list,
self.__config_file), host.get_tmp_dir(), host)
def install(self, host):
ctlfile = ("testkernel = job.kernel('%s')\n"
"testkernel.add_to_bootloader()\n" %(self.__kernel)), host.get_tmp_dir(), host)
def __control_file(self, kernel, patch_list, config):
ctl = ("testkernel = job.kernel('%s')\n" % kernel)
if len(patch_list):
patches = ', '.join(["'%s'" % x for x in patch_list])
ctl += "testkernel.patch(%s)\n" % patches
if config:
ctl += "testkernel.config('%s')\n" % config
ctl += "testkernel.config('', None, True)\n"
ctl += "\n"
# copy back to server
return ctl