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This module defines the GitKernel class
@author: Ryan Harper (
@copyright: IBM 2007
import os, logging
import git, source_kernel
class GitKernel(git.InstallableGitRepo):
This class represents an installable git kernel repo.
It is used to pull down a local copy of a git repo, check if the local repo
is up-to-date, if not update and then build the kernel from the git repo.
def __init__(self, repodir, giturl, weburl=None):
super(GitKernel, self).__init__(repodir, giturl, weburl)
self._patches = []
self._config = None
self._build = None
self._branch = None
self._revision = None
def configure(self, config):
self._config = config
def patch(self, patch):
def checkout(self, revision, local=None):
Checkout the commit id, branch, or tag.
@param revision: Name of the git remote branch, revision or tag
@param local: Name of the local branch, implies -b
"""'Checking out %s', revision)
super(GitKernel, self).checkout(revision)
self._revision = super(GitKernel, self).get_revision()
self._branch = super(GitKernel, self).get_branch()'Checked out %s on branch %s', self._revision,
def show_branch(self):
Print the current local branch name.
self._branch = super(GitKernel, self).get_branch()
def show_branches(self, all=True):
Print the local and remote branches.
@param all: Whether to show all branches (True) or only local branches
self._branch = super(GitKernel, self).get_branch(), self).get_branch(all=all))
def show_revision(self):
Show the current git revision.
self._revision = super(GitKernel, self).get_revision()
def install(self, host, build=True, builddir=None, revision=None):
Install the git tree in a host.
@param host: Host object
@param build: Whether to build the source tree
@param builddir: Specify a build dir. If no build dir is specified,
the job temporary directory will be used, so the build won't
be persistent.
@param revision: Desired commit hash. If ommited, will build from HEAD
of the branch.
if revision:
self._revision = super(GitKernel, self).get_revision()'Checked out revision: %s', self._revision)
if not builddir:
self._build = os.path.join(host.get_tmp_dir(), "build")
logging.warning('Builddir %s is not persistent (it will be erased '
'in future jobs)', self._build)
self._build = builddir
# push source to host for install'Pushing %s to host', self.source_material)
host.send_file(self.source_material, self._build)
remote_source_material= os.path.join(self._build,
# use a source_kernel to configure, patch, build and install.
sk = source_kernel.SourceKernel(remote_source_material)
if build:
# apply patches
for p in self._patches:
# configure
# build
# install