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import common
import logging
import sys
from autotest_lib.server import frontend
_AFE = frontend.AFE(debug=False)
class DatabaseAnomaly(Exception):
"""Raised when we observe a database anomaly."""
def is_job_complete(job_id):
Check if a job is no longer active.
@param job_id: afe job id like 123 from 123-scottza
@return: An empty list if the job isn't complete.
A list containing the job details, if it is.
return'get_jobs', finished=True, id=job_id)
def is_special_task_complete(job_id):
Check if a special task (Cleanup, Verify, Repair) job is no longer active.
@param job_id: job id in string format like '123' from '123-cleanup'
@return True if a job is complete, and False if it is not.
# Make sure the job_id is a number.
if not job_id.isdigit():
logging.error('Job_id: %s is not a number returning False.', job_id)
return False
task ='get_special_tasks', id=job_id)
if not task:
raise DatabaseAnomaly('Special Task %s not found in database.' % job_id)
return task[0].get('is_complete')
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print ('Set return status to 0 if job is complete or 1 if it is not.\n'
'Usage: <job_id>')
sys.exit(not is_job_complete(sys.argv[1]))