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AUTHOR = "Autotest Team <>"
NAME = "Sample - Machine reboot"
TEST_TYPE = "client"
TEST_CLASS = "Kernel"
DOC = """
This test will reboot the machine ITERATIONS number of times. Note that if you
use this, you'll need to use the step engine for any tests that occur after
this one. This means that this may not play well when run from the autotest
front end.
tries = job.get_state('soft_reboot_tries', 0) + 1
job.set_state("soft_reboot_tries", tries)
if tries < ITERATIONS:
import sys
this_functions_name = sys._getframe().f_code.co_name
if this_functions_name != "?":
# If we're not in a function (i.e. we get "?") then we're
# not using the step engine and thus no next step is
# necessary
if tries <= ITERATIONS: