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import logging, time
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.virt import virt_utils
def run_shutdown(test, params, env):
KVM shutdown test:
1) Log into a guest
2) Send a shutdown command to the guest, or issue a system_powerdown
monitor command (depending on the value of shutdown_method)
3) Wait until the guest is down
@param test: kvm test object
@param params: Dictionary with the test parameters
@param env: Dictionary with test environment
vm = env.get_vm(params["main_vm"])
timeout = int(params.get("login_timeout", 360))
session = vm.wait_for_login(timeout=timeout)
error.base_context("shutting down the VM")
if params.get("shutdown_method") == "shell":
# Send a shutdown command to the guest's shell
error.context("waiting VM to go down (shutdown shell cmd)")
elif params.get("shutdown_method") == "system_powerdown":
# Sleep for a while -- give the guest a chance to finish booting
time.sleep(float(params.get("sleep_before_powerdown", 10)))
# Send a system_powerdown monitor command
error.context("waiting VM to go down "
"(system_powerdown monitor cmd)")
if not virt_utils.wait_for(vm.is_dead, 240, 0, 1):
raise error.TestFail("Guest refuses to go down")