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import os, logging
from autotest_lib.client.virt import virt_utils
def run_guest_test(test, params, env):
A wrapper for running customized tests in guests.
1) Log into a guest.
2) Run script.
3) Wait for script execution to complete.
4) Pass/fail according to exit status of script.
@param test: KVM test object.
@param params: Dictionary with test parameters.
@param env: Dictionary with the test environment.
login_timeout = int(params.get("login_timeout", 360))
reboot = params.get("reboot", "no")
vm = env.get_vm(params["main_vm"])
if params.get("serial_login") == "yes":
session = vm.wait_for_serial_login(timeout=login_timeout)
session = vm.wait_for_login(timeout=login_timeout)
if reboot == "yes":
logging.debug("Rebooting guest before test ...")
session = vm.reboot(session, timeout=login_timeout)
try:"Starting script...")
# Collect test parameters
interpreter = params.get("interpreter")
script = params.get("guest_script")
dst_rsc_path = params.get("dst_rsc_path", "script.au3")
script_params = params.get("script_params", "")
test_timeout = float(params.get("test_timeout", 600))
logging.debug("Starting preparing resouce files...")
# Download the script resource from a remote server, or
# prepare the script using rss?
if params.get("download") == "yes":
download_cmd = params.get("download_cmd")
rsc_server = params.get("rsc_server")
rsc_dir = os.path.basename(rsc_server)
dst_rsc_dir = params.get("dst_rsc_dir")
# Change dir to dst_rsc_dir, and remove the guest script dir there
rm_cmd = "cd %s && (rmdir /s /q %s || del /s /q %s)" % \
(dst_rsc_dir, rsc_dir, rsc_dir)
session.cmd(rm_cmd, timeout=test_timeout)
logging.debug("Clean directory succeeded.")
# then download the resource.
rsc_cmd = "cd %s && %s %s" % (dst_rsc_dir, download_cmd, rsc_server)
session.cmd(rsc_cmd, timeout=test_timeout)"Download resource finished.")
session.cmd_output("del %s" % dst_rsc_path, internal_timeout=0)
script_path = virt_utils.get_path(test.bindir, script)
vm.copy_files_to(script_path, dst_rsc_path, timeout=60)
cmd = "%s %s %s" % (interpreter, dst_rsc_path, script_params)
try:"------------ Script output ------------")
session.cmd(cmd,, timeout=test_timeout)
finally:"------------ End of script output ------------")
if reboot == "yes":
logging.debug("Rebooting guest after test ...")
session = vm.reboot(session, timeout=login_timeout)
logging.debug("guest test PASSED.")