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# Copyright (c) 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from native_Benchmarks_common import *
from webm import webm
class vp8(object):
"""Build webm codec (vpxenc/vpxdec) and run them on client"""
def __init__(self, scratch_srv, scratch_cli, client, args):
# Instantiating webm builds the codec.
self.webm = webm(scratch_srv, scratch_cli, client, args)
self.client = client
self.scratch_cli = scratch_cli
# download
src = '%s/vp8.webm' % SERVER_TEST_ROOT
dst = '%s/vp8.webm' % scratch_cli
rcp_check(client, src, dst,
'Error occurred while sending vp8.webm to client.\n')
def run(self):
"""Returns perf_value tuples"""
# run decoder
cmd = ('%s --summary %s/vp8.webm -o %s/vp8.yuv 2>&1' %
(self.webm.vpxdec, self.scratch_cli, self.scratch_cli))
declog = run_check(self.client, cmd, "Error occurred while running vp8")
# run encoder
cmd = (('%s %s/vp8.yuv -o /dev/null --codec=vp8 --i420 -w 1280' +
' -h 720 --good --cpu-used=0 --target-bitrate=2000 2>&1') %
(self.webm.vpxenc, self.scratch_cli))
enclog = run_check(self.client, cmd,
"Error occurred while running vp8enc")
return self.parse(declog, enclog)
def parse(self, dec, enc):
"""Translate logs into perf_values tuples.
@param dec: logs from decoder
@param enc: logs from encoder
return [{'description': 'VP8',
'graph': 'decode',
'value': dec.split()[-2][1:],
'units': 'fps'},
{'description': 'VP8',
'graph': 'encode',
'value': enc.split()[-2][1:],
'units': 'fps'}]
def __del__(self):
run_check(self.client, 'rm -f %s/vp8.yuv' % self.scratch_cli,
"Error occurred while cleaning up")