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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import cgi
import logging
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros.bluetooth import bluetooth_test
class bluetooth_Sanity_Discovery(bluetooth_test.BluetoothTest):
Verify that the client can discover the tester.
version = 1
# How long should the tester remain discoverable?
def find_device(self):
"""Retrieve devices from client and look for tester.
@return True if device has been found, False otherwise.
# Get the set of devices known to the DUT.
devices = self.device.get_devices()
if devices == False:
raise error.TestFail('Could not retrieve devices from DUT')
device_found = False
for device in devices:
if self.tester:
if self.address == device['Address']:'Found tester with RSSI %d',
# Check name as well; if the name and alias fields don't
# match, that means it hasn't been requested yet, so
# wait until next time.
if device.get('Name') != device['Alias']:'Device name not yet received')
if != device['Alias']:
raise error.TestFail(
'Tester did not have expected name ' +
'"%s" != "%s"' % (device['Alias'],
# Found the device
device_found = True
# Write out the RSSI now we've found it.
self.write_perf_keyval({'rssi': int(device.get('RSSI', 0))})
self.output_perf_value('rssi', int(device.get('RSSI', 0)),
if self.interactive:
item_name = device['Address'].replace(':', '')
html = '%s %s' % (cgi.escape(device['Address']),
if device['Address'] in self.devices_discovered:
self.interactive.replace_list_item(item_name, html)
self.interactive.append_list_item('devices', item_name,
result = self.interactive.check_for_button()
if result == 0:
device_found = True
elif result != -1:
raise error.TestFail('User indicated test failed')
return device_found
def run_once(self):
# Reset the adapter to the powered on state.
if not self.device.reset_on():
raise error.TestFail('DUT could not be reset to initial state')
if self.tester:
# Setup the tester as a generic computer.
if not self.tester.setup('computer'):
raise error.TestFail('Tester could not be initialized')
# Make the tester discoverable
self.tester.set_discoverable(True, self.DISCOVERABLE_TIMEOUT)
# Read the tester information so we know what we're looking for.
( address, bluetooth_version, manufacturer_id,
supported_settings, current_settings, class_of_device,
name, short_name ) = self.tester.read_info()
self.address = address = name
if self.interactive:
if self.tester:
'<p>The Tester is in the discoverable state. '
'<p>The DUT is in the page scan/discovery state. '
'<p>Please verify that you can discover the tester ' +
('<b>%s</b> with address <b>%s</b> from the device.' %
'<p>The DUT is in the page scan/discovery state. '
'<p>Please verify that you can discover the device.')
self.interactive.append_output('<h2>Devices Found</h2>')
self.devices_discovered = []
if self.tester:
self.interactive.append_buttons('Tester Found',
'Tester Not Found')
self.interactive.append_buttons('Device Found',
'Device Not Found')
# Discover devices from the DUT.
for failed_attempts in range(0, 5):
if not self.device.start_discovery():
raise error.TestFail('Could not start discovery on DUT')
desc='Device discovered from DUT',
# We only reach this if we find a device. Break out of the
# failed_attempts loop to bypass the "reached the end"
# condition.
except utils.TimeoutError:
# Capture the timeout error and try once more through the
# loop.
if not self.device.stop_discovery():
logging.warning('Failed to stop discovery on DUT')
# We only reach this if we tried five times to find the device and
# failed.
raise error.TestFail('DUT could not discover device')
# Record how many attempts this took, hopefully we'll one day figure
# out a way to reduce this to zero and then the loop above can go
# away.
self.write_perf_keyval({'failed_attempts': failed_attempts })
self.output_perf_value('failed_attempts', failed_attempts, 'attempts')
def cleanup(self):
"""Set the tester back to undiscoverable."""
if self.tester:
super(bluetooth_Sanity_Discovery, self).cleanup()