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# Copyright 2010 Google Inc. Released under the GPL v2
# Eric Li <>
import logging, os, pickle, re, sys
import common
from autotest_lib.client.bin import setup_job as client_setup_job
def touch_init(parent_dir, child_dir):
Touch file all alone through from dir_patent to child_dir.
So client tests could be loaded as Python modules. Assume child_dir is a
subdirectory of parent_dir.
if not child_dir.startswith(parent_dir):
logging.error('%s is not a subdirectory of %s' % (child_dir,
sub_parent_dirs = parent_dir.split(os.path.sep)
sub_child_dirs = child_dir.split(os.path.sep)
for sub_dir in sub_child_dirs[len(sub_parent_dirs):]:
path = os.path.sep.join(sub_parent_dirs)
init_py = os.path.join(path, '')
open(init_py, 'a').close()
def init_test(testdir):
Instantiate a client test object from a given test directory.
@param testdir The test directory.
@returns A test object or None if failed to instantiate.
class options:
tag = ''
verbose = None
cont = False
harness = 'autoserv'
hostname = None
user = None
log = True
return client_setup_job.init_test(options, testdir)
def setup(autotest_client_dir, client_test_dir):
Setup prebuild of a client test.
@param autotest_client_dir: The autotest/client base directory.
@param client_test_dir: The actual test directory under client.
os.environ['AUTODIR'] = autotest_client_dir
touch_init(autotest_client_dir, client_test_dir)
# instantiate a client_test instance.
client_test = init_test(client_test_dir)