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# Copyright (c) 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utility to run a Brillo emulator programmatically.
Requires system.img, userdata.img and kernel to be in imagedir. If running an
arm emulator kernel.dtb (or another dtb file) must also be in imagedir.
WARNING: Processes created by this utility may not die unless
EmulatorManager.stop is called. Call EmulatorManager.verify_stop to
confirm process has stopped and port is free.
import os
import time
import common
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import utils
class EmulatorManagerException(Exception):
"""Bad port, missing artifact or non-existant imagedir."""
class EmulatorManager(object):
"""Manage an instance of a device emulator.
@param imagedir: directory of emulator images.
@param port: Port number for emulator's adbd. Note this port is one higher
than the port in the emulator's serial number.
@param run: Function used to execute shell commands.
def __init__(self, imagedir, port,
if not port % 2 or port < 5555 or port > 5585:
raise EmulatorManagerException('Port must be an odd number '
'between 5555 and 5585.')
run('test -f %s' % os.path.join(imagedir, 'system.img'))
except error.GenericHostRunError:
raise EmulatorManagerException('Image directory must exist and '
'contain emulator images.')
self.port = port
self.imagedir = imagedir = run
def verify_stop(self, timeout_secs=3):
"""Wait for emulator on our port to stop.
@param timeout_secs: Max seconds to wait for the emulator to stop.
@return: Bool - True if emulator stops.
cycles = 0
pid = self.find()
while pid:
cycles += 1
pid = self.find()
if cycles >= timeout_secs*10 and pid:
return False
return True
def _find_dtb(self):
"""Detect a dtb file in the image directory
@return: Path to dtb file or None.
cmd_result ='find "%s" -name "*.dtb"' % self.imagedir)
dtb = cmd_result.stdout.split('\n')[0]
return dtb.strip() or None
def start(self):
"""Start an emulator with the images and port specified.
If an emulator is already running on the port it will be killed.
time.sleep(1) # Wait for port to be free
# TODO(jgiorgi): Add support for x86 / x64 emulators
args = [
'-dmS', 'emulator-%s' % self.port, 'qemu-system-arm',
'-M', 'vexpress-a9',
'-m', '1024M',
'-kernel', os.path.join(self.imagedir, 'kernel'),
'-append', ('"console=ttyAMA0 ro root=/dev/sda '
'androidboot.hardware=qemu qemu=1 rootwait noinitrd '
'init=/init androidboot.selinux=enforcing"'),
'-device', 'virtio-scsi-device,id=scsi',
'-device', 'scsi-hd,drive=system',
'-drive', ('file="%s,if=none,id=system,format=raw"'
% os.path.join(self.imagedir, 'system.img')),
'-device', 'scsi-hd,drive=userdata',
'-drive', ('file="%s,if=none,id=userdata,format=raw"'
% os.path.join(self.imagedir, 'userdata.img')),
'-redir', 'tcp:%s::5555' % self.port,
# DTB file produced and required for arm but not x86 emulators
dtb = self._find_dtb()
if dtb:
args += ['-dtb', dtb]
raise EmulatorManagerException('DTB file missing. Required for arm '
'emulators.')' '.join(['screen'] + args))
def find(self):
"""Detect the PID of a qemu process running on our port.
@return: PID or None
running ='netstat -nlpt').stdout
for proc in running.split('\n'):
if ':%s' % self.port in proc:
process = proc.split()[-1]
if '/' in process: # Program identified, we started and can kill
return process.split('/')[0]
def stop(self, kill=False):
"""Send signal to stop emulator process.
Signal is sent to any running qemu process on our port regardless of how
it was started. Silent no-op if no running qemu processes on the port.
@param kill: Send SIGKILL signal instead of SIGTERM.
pid = self.find()
if pid:
cmd = 'kill -9 %s' if kill else 'kill %s' % pid)
def force_stop(self):
"""Attempt graceful shutdown, kill if not dead after 3 seconds.
if not self.verify_stop(timeout_secs=3):
if not self.verify_stop():
raise RuntimeError('Emulator running on port %s failed to stop.'
% self.port)