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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import yaml
class ParseKnownCTSFailures(object):
"""A class to parse known failures in CTS test."""
def __init__(self, failure_files):
self.waivers_yaml = self._load_failures(failure_files)
def _validate_waiver_config(self, arch, board, bundle_abi, config):
"""Validate if the test environment matches the test config.
@param arch: DUT's arch type.
@param board: DUT's board name.
@param bundle_abi: The test's abi type.
@param config: config for an expected failing test.
@return True if test arch or board is part of the config, else False.
dut_config = ['all', arch, board]
if bundle_abi and bundle_abi != arch:
return len(set(dut_config).intersection(config)) > 0
def _load_failures(self, failure_files):
"""Load failures from files.
@param failure_files: files with failure configs.
@return a dictionary of failures config in yaml format.
waivers_yaml = {}
for failure_file in failure_files:
try:'Loading expected failure file: %s.', failure_file)
with open(failure_file) as wf:
except IOError as e:
logging.error('Error loading %s (%s).',
continue'Finished loading expected failure file: %s',
return waivers_yaml
def find_waivers(self, arch, board, bundle_abi):
"""Finds waivers for the test board.
@param arch: DUT's arch type.
@param board: DUT's board name.
@param bundle_abi: The test's abi type.
@return a set of waivers/no-test-modules applied to the test board.
applied_waiver_list = set()
for test, config in self.waivers_yaml.iteritems():
if self._validate_waiver_config(arch, board, bundle_abi, config):
applied_waiver_list.add(test)'Excluding tests/packages from rerun: %s.',
return applied_waiver_list