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#pylint: disable-msg=C0111
import cPickle
import logging
import os
import time
import common
from autotest_lib.scheduler import drone_utility, email_manager
from autotest_lib.client.bin import local_host
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error, global_config, utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros.graphite import autotest_stats
CONFIG = global_config.global_config
DEFAULT_CONTAINER_PATH = CONFIG.get_config_value('AUTOSERV', 'container_path')
class DroneUnreachable(Exception):
"""The drone is non-sshable."""
class _BaseAbstractDrone(object):
* allowed_users: set of usernames allowed to use this drone. if None,
any user can use this drone.
def __init__(self, timestamp_remote_calls=True):
"""Instantiate an abstract drone.
@param timestamp_remote_calls: If true, drone_utility is invoked with
the --call_time option and the current time. Currently this is only
used for testing.
self._calls = []
self.hostname = None
self.enabled = True
self.max_processes = 0
self.active_processes = 0
self.allowed_users = None
self._autotest_install_dir = AUTOTEST_INSTALL_DIR
self._host = None
self.timestamp_remote_calls = timestamp_remote_calls
# If drone supports server-side packaging. The property support_ssp will
# init self._support_ssp later.
self._support_ssp = None
def shutdown(self):
def _drone_utility_path(self):
return os.path.join(self._autotest_install_dir,
'scheduler', '')
def used_capacity(self):
"""Gets the capacity used by this drone
Returns a tuple of (percentage_full, -max_capacity). This is to aid
direct comparisons, so that a 0/10 drone is considered less heavily
loaded than a 0/2 drone.
This value should never be used directly. It should only be used in
direct comparisons using the basic comparison operators, or using the
cmp() function.
if self.max_processes == 0:
return (1.0, 0)
return (float(self.active_processes) / self.max_processes,
def usable_by(self, user):
if self.allowed_users is None:
return True
return user in self.allowed_users
def _execute_calls_impl(self, calls):
if not self._host:
raise ValueError('Drone cannot execute calls without a host.')
drone_utility_cmd = self._drone_utility_path
if self.timestamp_remote_calls:
drone_utility_cmd = '%s --call_time %s' % (
drone_utility_cmd, time.time())"Running drone_utility on %s", self.hostname)
result ='python %s' % drone_utility_cmd,
stdin=cPickle.dumps(calls), stdout_tee=None,
return cPickle.loads(result.stdout)
except Exception: # cPickle.loads can throw all kinds of exceptions
logging.critical('Invalid response:\n---\n%s\n---', result.stdout)
def _execute_calls(self, calls):
self.hostname.replace('.', '_'), len(calls))
return_message = self._execute_calls_impl(calls)
for warning in return_message['warnings']:
subject = 'Warning from drone %s' % self.hostname
logging.warning(subject + '\n' + warning)
email_manager.manager.enqueue_notify_email(subject, warning)
return return_message['results']
def get_calls(self):
"""Returns the calls queued against this drone.
@return: A list of calls queued against the drone.
return self._calls
def call(self, method, *args, **kwargs):
return self._execute_calls(
[, *args, **kwargs)])
def queue_call(self, method, *args, **kwargs):
self._calls.append(, *args, **kwargs))
def clear_call_queue(self):
self._calls = []
def execute_queued_calls(self):
if not self._calls:
results = self._execute_calls(self._calls)
return results
def set_autotest_install_dir(self, path):
def support_ssp(self):
"""Check if the drone supports server-side packaging with container.
@return: True if the drone supports server-side packaging with container
if not self._host:
raise ValueError('Can not determine if drone supports server-side '
'packaging before host is set.')
if self._support_ssp is None:
# TODO( We need a better way to check if drone
# supports container, and install/upgrade base container. The
# check of base container folder is not reliable and shall be
# obsoleted once that bug is fixed.'which lxc-start')
# Test if base container is setup.
base_container_name = CONFIG.get_config_value(
'AUTOSERV', 'container_base_name')
base_container = os.path.join(DEFAULT_CONTAINER_PATH,
# SSP uses privileged containers, sudo access is required. If
# the process can't run sudo command without password, SSP can't
# work properly. sudo command option -n will avoid user input.
# If password is required, the command will fail and raise
# AutoservRunError exception.'sudo -n ls "%s"' % base_container)
self._support_ssp = True
except (error.AutoservRunError, error.AutotestHostRunError):
# Local drone raises AutotestHostRunError, while remote drone
# raises AutoservRunError.
self._support_ssp = False
return self._support_ssp
SiteDrone = utils.import_site_class(
__file__, 'autotest_lib.scheduler.site_drones',
'_SiteAbstractDrone', _BaseAbstractDrone)
class _AbstractDrone(SiteDrone):
class _LocalDrone(_AbstractDrone):
def __init__(self, timestamp_remote_calls=True):
super(_LocalDrone, self).__init__(
self.hostname = 'localhost'
self._host = local_host.LocalHost()
self._drone_utility = drone_utility.DroneUtility()
def send_file_to(self, drone, source_path, destination_path,
if drone.hostname == self.hostname:
self.queue_call('copy_file_or_directory', source_path,
self.queue_call('send_file_to', drone.hostname, source_path,
destination_path, can_fail)
class _RemoteDrone(_AbstractDrone):
def __init__(self, hostname, timestamp_remote_calls=True):
super(_RemoteDrone, self).__init__(
self.hostname = hostname
self._host = drone_utility.create_host(hostname)
if not self._host.is_up():
logging.error('Drone %s is unpingable, kicking out', hostname)
raise DroneUnreachable
def set_autotest_install_dir(self, path):
self._autotest_install_dir = path
def shutdown(self):
super(_RemoteDrone, self).shutdown()
def send_file_to(self, drone, source_path, destination_path,
if drone.hostname == self.hostname:
self.queue_call('copy_file_or_directory', source_path,
elif isinstance(drone, _LocalDrone):
drone.queue_call('get_file_from', self.hostname, source_path,
self.queue_call('send_file_to', drone.hostname, source_path,
destination_path, can_fail)
def get_drone(hostname):
Use this factory method to get drone objects.
if hostname == 'localhost':
return _LocalDrone()
return _RemoteDrone(hostname)
except DroneUnreachable:
return None