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Disabling ChromiumOS source style checks
If your project does not conform to the ChromiumOS source style (80 char lines,
no tabs, ChromiumOS license header, etc.), you can disable the source style
pre-upload hooks by copying the PRESUBMIT.cfg file in
<checkout_dir>/src/repohooks/disable_cros_style_checks to your project root.
The sample config file disables all of the source style checks. You can comment out the
disable-flags for the checks you want to leave enabled.
Some hints
- Get the latest version of the hooks before running 'repo upload', by running
'repo sync chromiumos/repohooks'.
- When your hooks change, you will be prompted for permission to run the hooks even
if you answered 'yes-never-ask-again' previously.
Reporting issues
Please see
for instructions on reporting problems.