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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <base/files/file_path.h>
#include <chromeos/secure_blob.h>
namespace chaps {
// TokenManagerInterface is an interface for Chaps-specific token management
// operations which are not part of the PKCS #11 interface.
// Some operations are parameterized with a path to the associated persistent
// token files. This path is unique per token and a token is unique per path.
// This 1-to-1 relation can be assumed.
// Authorization data associated with a token is typically derived from the
// user's password and is provided when a token is loaded or when the password
// is changed.
class TokenManagerInterface {
// Open an isolate into which tokens can be loaded. To attempt to open an
// existing isolate, pass its isolate credential, otherwise pass be empty
// SecureBlob to create a new isolate. Returns true if successful.
// isolate_credential - The users isolate into which to login, or a empty if
// logging in to a new isolate. On return contains the isolate
// credential for the isolate the user is logged in on.
// new_isolate_created - Returns true if a new isolate was created (in which
// case isolate_credential will be set to the new
// isolate's credential), or false if the call
// succeeded in opening the existing isolate.
virtual bool OpenIsolate(chromeos::SecureBlob* isolate_credential,
bool* new_isolate_created) = 0;
// Close a given isolate. If all outstanding OpenIsolate calls have been
// closed, then all tokens will be unloaded from the isolate and the isolate
// will be destroyed.
// isolate_credential - The isolate into which they are logging out from.
virtual void CloseIsolate(const chromeos::SecureBlob& isolate_credential) = 0;
// Loads a token into the given isolate. Returns true on success.
// isolate_credential - The isolate into which the token should be loaded.
// path - The path to the token directory.
// auth_data - Authorization data to unlock the token.
// slot_id - On success, will be set to the loaded token's slot ID.
virtual bool LoadToken(const chromeos::SecureBlob& isolate_credential,
const base::FilePath& path,
const chromeos::SecureBlob& auth_data,
const std::string& label,
int* slot_id) = 0;
// Unloads a token from the given isolate.
// isolate_credential - The isolate from which the token should be unloaded.
// path - The path to the token directory.
virtual void UnloadToken(const chromeos::SecureBlob& isolate_credential,
const base::FilePath& path) = 0;
// Changes authorization data for a token.
// path - The path to the token directory.
// old_auth_data - The current authorization data.
// new_auth_data - The new authorization data.
virtual void ChangeTokenAuthData(
const base::FilePath& path,
const chromeos::SecureBlob& old_auth_data,
const chromeos::SecureBlob& new_auth_data) = 0;
// Provides the token path associated with the given slot. Returns true on
// success. Returns false if the slot does not exist in the given isolate or
// if no token is loaded in the given slot.
// isolate_credentials - The isolate associated with the slot.
// slot_id - Identifies the slot.
// path - On success, will be set to the token path for the slot.
virtual bool GetTokenPath(const chromeos::SecureBlob& isolate_credential,
int slot_id,
base::FilePath* path) = 0;
} // namespace chaps