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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "trunks/tpm_simulator_handle.h"
#include <unistd.h>
#include <base/check_op.h>
#if defined(USE_SIMULATOR)
extern "C" {
#include <tpm2/_TPM_Init_fp.h>
#include <tpm2/BaseTypes.h>
#include <tpm2/ExecCommand_fp.h>
#include <tpm2/tpm_manufacture.h>
#include <tpm2/TpmBuildSwitches.h>
#include <tpm2/Manufacture_fp.h> // NOLINT(build/include_alpha) - needs TpmBuildSwitches.h
#include <tpm2/Platform.h>
} // extern "C"
#include <base/callback.h>
#include <base/hash/sha1.h>
#include <base/logging.h>
#include <base/stl_util.h>
#include <crypto/sha2.h>
#include "trunks/error_codes.h"
namespace {
const char kSimulatorStateDirectory[] = "/var/lib/trunks";
#if defined(USE_SIMULATOR)
// Resizes extend_data to size crypto::kSHA256Length and uses the result to
// extend the indicated PCR.
void ExtendPcr(unsigned int pcr_index, const std::string& extend_data) {
std::string mode_digest = extend_data;
trunks::TPM_RC result = extend_pcr(pcr_index,;
if (result != TPM_RC_SUCCESS) {
LOG(ERROR) << __func__ << "Failed to extend PCR" << pcr_index
<< trunks::GetErrorString(result);
// According to the specified boot mode, extends PCR0 as cr50 does.
// It should only be called once after the PCR0 value is set to all 0s
// (e.g. running Startup with Clear). Calling it twice without resetting the PCR
// will leave the TPM in an unknown boot mode.
// - developer_mode: 1 if in developer mode, 0 otherwise,
// - recovery_mode: 1 if in recovery mode, 0 otherwise,
// - verified_firmware: 1 if verified firmware, 0 if developer firmware.
void ExtendPcr0BootMode(const char developer_mode,
const char recovery_mode,
const char verified_firmware) {
const std::string mode({developer_mode, recovery_mode, verified_firmware});
ExtendPcr(/*pcr_index=*/0, base::SHA1HashString(mode));
} // namespace
namespace trunks {
TpmSimulatorHandle::TpmSimulatorHandle() {}
TpmSimulatorHandle::~TpmSimulatorHandle() {}
bool TpmSimulatorHandle::Init() {
CHECK_EQ(chdir(kSimulatorStateDirectory), 0);
if (!init_) {
init_ = true;
return true;
void TpmSimulatorHandle::InitializeSimulator() {
#if defined(USE_SIMULATOR)
// Initialize TPM.
* Make sure NV RAM metadata is initialized, needed to check
* manufactured status. This is a speculative call which will have to
* be repeated in case the TPM has not been through the manufacturing
* sequence yet. No harm in calling it twice in that case.
if (!tpm_manufactured()) {
// TODO(b/132145000): Verify if the second call to _TPM_Init() is necessary.
if (!tpm_endorse())
LOG(ERROR) << __func__ << " Failed to endorse TPM with a fixed key.";
// Send TPM2_Startup(TPM_SU_CLEAR), ignore the result. This is normally done
// by firmware. Without TPM2_Startup, TpmUtility::CheckState() fails,
// ResourceManager aborts initialization, and trunks daemon dies.
unsigned int response_size;
unsigned char* response;
unsigned char startup_cmd[] = {
0x80, 0x01, /* TPM_ST_NO_SESSIONS */
0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x0c, /* commandSize = 12 */
0x00, 0x00, 0x01, 0x44, /* TPM_CC_Startup */
0x00, 0x00 /* TPM_SU_CLEAR */
ExecuteCommand(sizeof(startup_cmd), startup_cmd, &response_size, &response);
LOG(INFO) << "TPM2_Startup(TPM_SU_CLEAR) sent.";
ExtendPcr0BootMode(/*developer_mode=*/1, /*recovery_mode=*/0,
// Assign an arbitrary value to PCR1.
ExtendPcr(/*pcr_index=*/1, /*extend_data=*/"PCR1");
LOG(FATAL) << "Simulator not configured.";
void TpmSimulatorHandle::SendCommand(const std::string& command,
const ResponseCallback& callback) {
std::string TpmSimulatorHandle::SendCommandAndWait(const std::string& command) {
if (!init_) {
init_ = true;
#if defined(USE_SIMULATOR)
unsigned int response_size;
unsigned char* response;
std::string mutable_command(command);
reinterpret_cast<unsigned char*>(base::data(mutable_command)),
&response_size, &response);
return std::string(reinterpret_cast<char*>(response), response_size);
return CreateErrorResponse(TCTI_RC_GENERAL_FAILURE);
} // namespace trunks