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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
description "Downloadable content service daemon"
author ""
start on starting system-services
stop on stopping system-services
expect fork
respawn limit 3 10 # if the job respawns 3 times in 10 seconds, stop trying.
pre-start script
if [ ! -d "/opt/google/dlc" ]; then
logger -t "${UPSTART_JOB}" "No DLC metadata, stopping on purpose."
exit 0
# Initialize:
# -The DLC image directory.
# -The DLC metadata directory.
for dlc_path in "/var/cache/dlc" "/var/lib/dlcservice"
mkdir -p "${dlc_path}"
chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX,go-w "${dlc_path}"
chown -R dlcservice:dlcservice "${dlc_path}"
# -The DLC preload directory.
# The preload directory will only be created for test images.
if [ -d "${DLC_PRELOAD_PATH}" ]; then
chown -R dlcservice:dlcservice "${DLC_PRELOAD_PATH}"
end script
set --
if [ -d "${DLC_PRELOAD_PATH}" ]; then
set -- "$@" -b "${DLC_PRELOAD_PATH}"
# -i Exit immediately after fork.
# -u Run as dlcservice user.
# -g Run as dlcservice group.
# -G Inherit supplementary groups from new uid.
# -n prevents the executable from gaining new privileges.
# minimal mount namespace without /dev because we want real /dev.
# tmpfs on /run, /var, /sys so we can create mounts under them.
# -b /run/dbus for system dbus socket.
# -b /var/lib/metrics Mount with write permissions for uma metrics.
# -b /var/lib/dlcservice with write for preferences.
# -b /var/cache/dlc write for dlc images.
# -b /var/cache/dlc-images for preloaded dlc images.
# -b /sys/block, -b /sys/devices, -b /dev for boot slot detection.
# -b /run/systemd/journal/dev-log for logging.
# -S Set seccomp filter using dlcservice-seccomp.policy.
exec minijail0 -i -u dlcservice -g dlcservice -G -n \
--profile=minimalistic-mountns-nodev \
-k 'tmpfs,/run,tmpfs,MS_NOSUID|MS_NODEV|MS_NOEXEC' \
-k 'tmpfs,/var,tmpfs,MS_NOSUID|MS_NODEV|MS_NOEXEC' \
-k 'tmpfs,/sys,tmpfs,MS_NOSUID|MS_NODEV|MS_NOEXEC' \
-b /run/dbus \
-b /var/lib/metrics,,1 \
-b /var/lib/dlcservice,,1 \
-b /var/cache/dlc,,1 \
-b /sys/block \
-b /sys/devices \
-b /dev \
-b /run/systemd/journal/dev-log \
"$@" \
-S /usr/share/policy/dlcservice-seccomp.policy /usr/sbin/dlcservice
end script