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# Copyright 2021 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Runs mount-passthrough with minijail0 as chronos. The owner of the files
# in FUSE is set to Android's MediaProvider, wherease their GID is set to
# Android's external_storage.
set -e
if [ $# -ne 3 ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 source dest fuse_umask"
exit 1
. /usr/share/arc/
# Shift width for Android users/groups inside Chrome OS. For example, Android's
# external_storage UID and GID (1077) becomes 656437 inside Chrome OS.
# Android's external_storage GID (not shifted).
# The start and end values for Android's app UID range (not shifted). Note that
# these values only apply for the first Android user, since UIDs inside Android
# are shifted by 100000 per user when multple users are supported. However, for
# us it is okay to assume apps including MediaProvider have UIDs inside this
# range, since ARC does not support multiple Android users.
# Android's /data/data directory inside the concierge namespace.
# Android's MediaProvider package id (defined in its AndroidManifest.xml)
# Target directory to poll and get the MediaProvider UID.
# Wait for the MediaProvider package directory to appear up to 2 minutes.
# This should finish immediately except for the cases where MediaProvider is
# newly installed (typically the first boot after opt-in or upgrade).
# For the cases where it does not finish immediately, experiments show that it
# can take ~25 seconds on betty after opt-in, while other faster devices can
# finish it within 10 seconds. Given these results, we (almost baselessly) set
# the timeout value to 2 minutes to allow unexpectedly slow devices and/or busy
# states.
while ! nsenter --mount=/run/namespaces/mnt_concierge --no-fork -- \
test -d "${TARGET_DIR}"; do
if [ "${timeout_millisecs}" -le 0 ]; then
# The MediaProvider package directory does not appear before timeout.
# Mount-passthrough mount cannot be performed, which makes external storage
# files (MyFiles, Downloads, and/or removable media) inaccessible for
# Android apps.
echo "Timed out while waiting for ${TARGET_DIR}"
exit 1
sleep 0.5
# Obtain the MediaProvider UID by stat.
android_media_provider_uid="$(nsenter --mount=/run/namespaces/mnt_concierge \
--no-fork -- stat -c '%u' ${TARGET_DIR})"
# Unshift the UID value by 655360.
# Check whether the UID is within the Android app UID range [10000,19999].
if ! [[ "${android_media_provider_uid}" -ge "${ANDROID_APP_UID_START}" &&
"${android_media_provider_uid}" -le "${ANDROID_APP_UID_END}" ]]; then
echo "Invalid MediaProvider UID ${android_media_provider_uid}"
exit 1
# Set UID and GID in FUSE to Android's MediaProvider and external_storage, resp.
set -- "$@" "${android_media_provider_uid}" "${ANDROID_EXTERNAL_STORAGE_GID}"
# Set Android app access type to full.
set -- "$@" "full"
# Run mount-passthrough as chronos.
set -- "$@" chronos chronos
# Inherit supplementary groups.
set -- "$@" "true" # inherit_supplementary_groups
# Do not grant CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE.
set -- "$@" "false" # grant_cap_dac_override
# Do not force group access permission.
# TODO(b/123669632): Remove the argument |force_group_permission| and related
# logic once we start to run the daemon as MediaProvider UID and GID from
# mount-passthrough-jailed-play.
set -- "$@" "false" # force_group_permission
# Enter the concierge namespace.
set -- "$@" "true" # enter_concierge_namespace
run_mount_passthrough_with_minijail0 "$@"