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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <cstdint>
#include <base/check.h>
#include <base/logging.h>
#include <libqrtr.h>
#include "hermes/qmi_cmd_interface.h"
class UimCmd : public QmiCmdInterface {
enum QmiType : uint16_t {
kReset = 0x00,
kSendApdu = 0x3B,
kOpenLogicalChannel = 0x42,
kSwitchSlot = 0x46,
kGetSlots = 0x47,
explicit UimCmd(QmiType qmi_type)
: service_(Service::kUim), qmi_type_(qmi_type) {}
uint16_t qmi_type() const override {
return static_cast<uint16_t>(qmi_type_);
Service service() const override { return service_; }
const char* ToString() {
switch (qmi_type_) {
case QmiType::kReset:
return "Reset";
case QmiType::kSendApdu:
return "SendApdu";
case QmiType::kOpenLogicalChannel:
return "OpenLogicalChannel";
case QmiType::kSwitchSlot:
return "SwitchSlot";
case QmiType::kGetSlots:
return "GetSlots";
CHECK(false) << "Unrecognized value: "
<< static_cast<uint16_t>(qmi_type_);
return "";
Service service_;
QmiType qmi_type_;
constexpr int kIccidMaxSize = 20;
struct uim_qmi_result {
uint16_t result;
uint16_t error;
struct uim_card_result_t {
uint8_t sw1;
uint8_t sw2;
struct uim_open_logical_channel_req {
uint8_t slot;
bool aid_valid;
uint8_t aid_len;
uint8_t aid[kBufferDataSize];
struct uim_open_logical_channel_resp {
uim_qmi_result result;
bool channel_id_valid;
uint8_t channel_id;
bool card_result_valid;
uim_card_result_t card_result;
bool select_response_valid;
uint8_t select_response_len;
uint8_t select_response[kBufferDataSize];
struct uim_reset_req {};
struct uim_reset_resp {
uim_qmi_result result;
struct uim_send_apdu_req {
uint8_t slot;
uint16_t apdu_len;
uint8_t apdu[kBufferDataSize];
bool channel_id_valid;
uint8_t channel_id;
bool procedure_bytes_valid;
uint8_t procedure_bytes;
struct uim_send_apdu_resp {
uim_qmi_result result;
bool apdu_response_valid;
uint16_t apdu_response_len;
uint8_t apdu_response[kBufferDataSize];
struct uim_physical_slot_status {
enum physical_card_status_t : uint32_t {
kCardUnknown = 0,
kCardAbsent = 1,
kCardPresent = 2,
} physical_card_status;
enum physical_slot_state_t : uint32_t {
kSlotInactive = 0,
kSlotActive = 1,
} physical_slot_state;
uint8_t logical_slot;
uint8_t iccid_len;
uint8_t iccid[kIccidMaxSize];
struct uim_slot_eid_info {
uint8_t eid_len;
uint8_t eid[255];
struct uim_physical_slot_info {
uint32_t card_protocol;
uint8_t num_app;
uint8_t atr_len;
uint8_t atr[255];
uint8_t is_euicc;
struct uim_get_slots_req {};
struct uim_get_slots_resp {
uim_qmi_result result;
bool status_valid;
uint8_t status_len;
uim_physical_slot_status status[10];
bool slot_info_valid;
uint8_t slot_info_len;
uim_physical_slot_info slot_info[10];
bool eid_info_valid;
uint8_t eid_info_len;
uim_slot_eid_info eid_info[10];
struct uim_switch_slot_req {
uint8_t logical_slot;
uint32_t physical_slot;
struct uim_switch_slot_resp {
uim_qmi_result result;
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_open_logical_channel_req_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_open_logical_channel_resp_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_reset_req_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_reset_resp_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_send_apdu_req_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_send_apdu_resp_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_get_slots_req_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_get_slots_resp_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_switch_slot_req_ei[];
extern struct qmi_elem_info uim_switch_slot_resp_ei[];
#endif // HERMES_UIM_CMD_H_