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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <fcp/fcp.h>
#include "federated/device_status_monitor.h"
#include "federated/example_database.h"
#include "federated/federated_metadata.h"
namespace federated {
// FederatedSession encapsulates essential elements for a client to run
// federated tasks, e.g. the function ptr from the library(`run_plan_`,
// `free_run_plan_result_`), the server config, the client_config.
class FederatedSession {
// FederatedLibrary::CreateSession should be used instead of this constructor.
FederatedSession(FlRunPlanFn run_plan,
FlFreeRunPlanResultFn free_run_plan_result,
const std::string& service_uri,
const std::string& api_key,
ClientConfigMetadata client_config,
const DeviceStatusMonitor* const device_status_monitor);
FederatedSession& operator=(const FederatedSession&) = delete;
// Tries to checkin and start a federated task with the server, then updates
// the client config, such as retry_token and next_retry_delay. It is
// scheduled recurrently by Scheduler, see for more details.
void RunPlan(ExampleDatabase::Iterator&& example_iterator);
// Resets `next_retry_delay_` to default. Called when current
// `next_retry_delay_` elapses and a federated task is about to run.
void ResetRetryDelay();
std::string GetSessionName() const;
base::TimeDelta next_retry_delay() const { return next_retry_delay_; }
// Context provides several static functions used in constructing
// FlTaskEnvironment that serves as hook for the library to e.g. request
// examples.
class Context {
Context(const DeviceStatusMonitor* const device_status_monitor,
ExampleDatabase::Iterator&& example_iterator);
Context(const Context&) = delete;
Context& operator=(const Context&) = delete;
// Called by the library to get next example. `context` is effectively a
// pointer to an Context instance, the same to the following methods.
// Returns true if no errors, caller can construct a serialized example with
// `data` and `size` if `end` is false, or it knows examples run out.
// Returns false if any errors.
static bool GetNextExample(const char** data,
int* const size,
bool* const end,
void* const context);
// Called by the library to free the char* returned by GetNextExample.
static void FreeExample(const char* const data, void* const context);
// Called by the library to inquiry whether the current task should continue
// or quit early.
static bool TrainingConditionsSatisfied(void* const context);
// Called by the library to publish event logs out to the daemon.
static void PublishEvent(const char* const event,
const int size,
void* const context);
// Not owned:
const DeviceStatusMonitor* const device_status_monitor_;
ExampleDatabase::Iterator example_iterator_;
const FlRunPlanFn run_plan_;
const FlFreeRunPlanResultFn free_run_plan_result_;
const std::string service_uri_;
const std::string api_key_;
ClientConfigMetadata client_config_;
base::TimeDelta next_retry_delay_;
// Not owned:
const DeviceStatusMonitor* const device_status_monitor_;
} // namespace federated