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* Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <base/bind.h>
#include <cutils/native_handle.h>
#include "cros-camera/camera_mojo_channel_manager_token.h"
#include "cros-camera/export.h"
namespace cros {
using DecodeCallback = base::Callback<void(int buffer_id, int error)>;
// Encapsulates a converter from JPEG to YU12 format. This class is not
// thread-safe.
// Before using this class, make sure mojo is initialized first.
class CROS_CAMERA_EXPORT JpegDecodeAccelerator {
// Enumeration of decode errors.
enum class Error {
// No error. Decode succeeded.
// Invalid argument was passed to an API method, e.g. the output buffer is
// too small, JPEG width/height are too big for JDA.
// Encoded input is unreadable, e.g. failed to map on another process.
// Failed to parse compressed JPEG picture.
// Failed to decode JPEG due to unsupported JPEG features, such as
// profiles, coding mode, or color formats.
// A fatal failure occurred in the GPU process layer or one of its
// dependencies. Examples of such failures include hardware failures,
// driver failures, library failures, browser programming errors, and so
// on. Client is responsible for destroying JDA after receiving this.
// Largest used enum. This should be adjusted when new errors are added.
// The Mojo channel is corrupted. User can call Start() again to establish
// the channel.
// Create shared memory for input buffer failed.
// mmap() for input failed.
// No decode response from Mojo channel after timeout.
// [Deprecated]
static std::unique_ptr<JpegDecodeAccelerator> CreateInstance();
static std::unique_ptr<JpegDecodeAccelerator> CreateInstance(
CameraMojoChannelManagerToken* token);
virtual ~JpegDecodeAccelerator() {}
// Starts the Jpeg decoder.
// This method must be called before all the other methods are called.
// Returns:
// Returns true on success otherwise false.
virtual bool Start() = 0;
// Decodes |input_fd| that contains a JPEG image of size |input_buffer_size|
// into |output_buffer|. This API doesn't take ownership of |input_fd| and
// |output_buffer|.
// Args:
// |input_fd|: Input DMA buffer file descriptor.
// |input_buffer_size|: Size of input buffer.
// |input_buffer_offset|: Offset of input buffer.
// |output_buffer|: Output buffer handle.
// Returns:
// Returns enum Error to notify the decode status.
// If the return code is TRY_START_AGAIN, user can call Start() again and
// use this API.
virtual Error DecodeSync(int input_fd,
uint32_t input_buffer_size,
uint32_t input_buffer_offset,
buffer_handle_t output_buffer) = 0;
// Asynchronous version of DecodeSync.
// Args:
// |input_fd|: Input DMA buffer file descriptor.
// |input_buffer_size|: Size of input buffer.
// |input_buffer_offset|: Offset of input buffer.
// |output_buffer|: Output buffer handle.
// |callback|: callback function after finish decoding.
// Returns:
// Returns buffer_id of this Decode.
virtual int32_t Decode(int input_fd,
uint32_t input_buffer_size,
uint32_t input_buffer_offset,
buffer_handle_t output_buffer,
DecodeCallback callback) = 0;
} // namespace cros