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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This header file defines the interface for the "sealed storage": an
// engine that allows "sealing" sensitive data, resulting in a blob that can
// only be restored to the original data on a local machine in a given state,
// i.e. when specified PCRs have specified values.
// For the general description of the process see
// For the examples of using the interface see
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/optional.h>
#include <tpm_manager/proto_bindings/tpm_manager.pb.h>
#include <tpm_manager-client/tpm_manager/dbus-proxies.h>
#include <trunks/trunks_factory.h>
namespace sealed_storage {
using ScopedTrunksFactory = std::unique_ptr<trunks::TrunksFactory>;
using ScopedTpmOwnership =
using BootMode = char[3];
constexpr BootMode kVerifiedBootMode = {0, 0, 1};
constexpr BootMode kDevMode = {1, 0, 1};
// Data type for non-sensitive data (e.g. serialized encrypted blob).
using Data = brillo::Blob;
// Data type for sensitive data (e.g. plaintext stored in the sealed storage).
using SecretData = brillo::SecureBlob;
// Structure for defining the policy for the sealed storage.
// The policy defines the state in which the data can be unsealed.
struct Policy {
using PcrMap = std::map<uint32_t, std::string>;
// Returns an entry for the PCR-binding map corresponding to the specified
// boot mode, i.e. (PCR0 == value_corresponding_to_bootmode).
static PcrMap::value_type BootModePCR(const BootMode& mode);
// Returns an entry for the PCR-binding map corresponding to the specified
// PCR being in the initial state, i.e. (PCRx == initial_value).
static PcrMap::value_type UnchangedPCR(uint32_t pcr_num);
PcrMap pcr_map;
// A secret that needs to be known in order unseal data.
SecretData secret;
// Public seeds: data that will go into the resulting blob to allow later
// decryption. Contains pub point, IV, plaintext size and policy digest.
// See README.
struct PubSeeds {
trunks::TPM2B_ECC_POINT pub_point;
trunks::TPM2B_DIGEST iv;
uint16_t plain_size;
base::Optional<std::string> policy_digest;
// Private seeds: the ephemeral private part that is "sealed" using the sealing
// key. See README.
struct PrivSeeds {
trunks::TPM2B_ECC_POINT z_point;
class SealedStorage {
// The constructor that allows specifying TrunksFactory and
// TpmOwnershipInterface, useful for mocking when testing.
SealedStorage(const Policy& policy,
trunks::TrunksFactory* trunks_factory,
org::chromium::TpmManagerProxyInterface* tpm_ownership);
// The constructor that uses the default TrunksFactory and
// TpmOwnershipInterface, which connect to the corresponding daemons over
// dbus.
explicit SealedStorage(const Policy& policy);
SealedStorage(const SealedStorage&) = delete;
SealedStorage& operator=(const SealedStorage&) = delete;
// Returns the default TrunksFactory that connects to trunksd over dbus.
static ScopedTrunksFactory CreateTrunksFactory();
// Returns the default TpmOwnershipInterface that connects to tpm_managerd
// over dbus.
static ScopedTpmOwnership CreateTpmOwnershipInterface();
trunks::TrunksFactory* trunks_factory() const { return trunks_factory_; }
org::chromium::TpmManagerProxyInterface* tpm_ownership() const {
return tpm_ownership_;
void set_plain_size_for_v1(uint16_t size) { plain_size_for_v1_ = size; }
void reset_policy(const Policy& policy) { policy_ = policy; }
const Policy& policy() const { return policy_; }
// Seals the provided plain data according to the policy specified in the
// constructor. Returns the encrypted blob, or nullopt in case of error.
base::Optional<Data> Seal(const SecretData& plain_data) const;
// Unseals the encrypted blob according to the policy specified in the
// constructor. Returns the original plain data, or nullopt in case of error.
base::Optional<SecretData> Unseal(const Data& sealed_data) const;
// Extends the PCR with the specified number, making sure it's no longer
// in the initial state. Useful for locking the encrypted blob from further
// unsealing until reboot: after extending a PCR specified in a policy to a
// value that doesn't match the policy, unseal will fail until the PCRs are
// reset after reboot. Returns true on success, false otherwise.
bool ExtendPCR(uint32_t pcr_num) const;
// Checks if the current state of the PCRs matches the policy specified in
// the constructor. Returns the flag, which indicates if the current state
// matches the policy (true if yes, false if not), or nullopt in case of
// error.
base::Optional<bool> CheckState() const;
// Creates the TPM-bound ECC sealing key with the attached policy specified
// in the constructor. If |expected_digest| is specified checks that the
// resulting policy digest matches it, and returns false in case of mismatch.
// On success, returns true and fills |key_handle|, |key_name| and
// |resulting_digest| with the handle, name and policy digest of the created
// key object. On failure, returns false.
bool PrepareSealingKeyObject(
const base::Optional<std::string>& expected_digest,
trunks::TPM_HANDLE* key_handle,
std::string* key_name,
std::string* resulting_digest) const;
// Retrieves the endorsement password.
// On success, returns true and fills the |password|.
bool GetEndorsementPassword(std::string* password) const;
// Creates the primary key object with the specified parent, sensitive and
// public areas. |object_descr| is the textual description of the created
// key for logging purposes. |parent_handle| and |parent_name| define the
// parent, |auth_delegate| is the authorization session for CreatePrimary
// with that parent.
// On success, returns true and fills |object_handle| and |object_name| with
// the handle and name of the created key object. On failure, returns false.
bool CreatePrimaryKeyObject(const std::string& object_descr,
trunks::TPM_HANDLE parent_handle,
const std::string& parent_name,
const trunks::TPMS_SENSITIVE_CREATE& sensitive,
const trunks::TPMT_PUBLIC& public_area,
trunks::AuthorizationDelegate* auth_delegate,
trunks::TPM_HANDLE* object_handle,
std::string* object_name) const;
// Checks if the underlying trunks factory is properly initialized.
bool CheckInitialized() const;
// Creates public and private seeds for sealing: creates the sealing key,
// goes through ECDH_KeyGen to get the public and private parts of the
// ephemeral key, and generates a random IV.
// On success, returns true and fills |priv_seeds| and |pub_seeds|. Otherwise,
// returns false.
bool CreateEncryptionSeeds(PrivSeeds* priv_seeds, PubSeeds* pub_seeds) const;
// Restores the private seeds given the public seed during unsealing: creates
// the sealing key, goes through ECDH_ZGen to get the private part given the
// public part of the ephemeral key.
// On success, returns true and fills |priv_seeds|. Otherwise, returns false.
bool RestoreEncryptionSeeds(const PubSeeds& pub_seeds,
PrivSeeds* priv_seeds) const;
// Serializes public seeds and encrypted data into an encrypted blob.
// Returns the resulting blob on success, or nullopt otherwise.
base::Optional<Data> SerializeSealedBlob(const PubSeeds& pub_seeds,
const Data& encrypted_data) const;
// Deserializes the encrypted blob into public seeds and encrypted data.
// On success, returns true and fills |pub_seeds| and |encrypted_data|.
// Otherwise, returns false.
bool DeserializeSealedBlob(const Data& sealed_data,
PubSeeds* pub_seeds,
Data* encrypted_data) const;
Policy policy_;
// What is the expected plaintext size for data sealed with version 1 of
// SealedStorage. In practice, v1 was only supposed to be used for 16 byte
// buffers, but can be manually reset, if some application used it for other
// data.
uint16_t plain_size_for_v1_ = 16;
// dft_* memmbers must go before TrunksFactory* and pmOwnershipInterface*
// to be deleted last during destruction.
ScopedTrunksFactory dft_trunks_factory_;
ScopedTpmOwnership dft_tpm_ownership_;
trunks::TrunksFactory* trunks_factory_;
org::chromium::TpmManagerProxyInterface* tpm_ownership_;
} // namespace sealed_storage