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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace power_manager {
namespace metrics {
// Suffixes added to certain metric names when on different power sources.
extern const char kAcSuffix[];
extern const char kBatterySuffix[];
// Default max for percent-based metrics. Percents are reported as enums instead
// of regular exponential histograms so they'll get a linear scale.
extern const int kMaxPercent;
// Default number of buckets to use for numeric histogram metrics.
extern const int kDefaultBuckets;
// Default number of buckets to use for numeric histogram metrics covering power
// discharge.
extern const int kDefaultDischargeBuckets;
extern const char kSuspendAttemptsBeforeSuccessName[];
extern const char kSuspendAttemptsBeforeCancelName[];
extern const int kSuspendAttemptsMin;
extern const int kSuspendAttemptsMax;
extern const int kSuspendAttemptsBuckets;
extern const char kShutdownReasonName[];
extern const int kShutdownReasonMax;
extern const char kBacklightLevelName[];
extern const char kKeyboardBacklightLevelName[];
extern const int kBacklightLevelIntervalMs;
extern const char kIdleAfterScreenOffName[];
extern const int kIdleAfterScreenOffMin;
extern const int kIdleAfterScreenOffMax;
extern const char kIdleName[];
extern const int kIdleMin;
extern const int kIdleMax;
extern const char kIdleAfterDimName[];
extern const int kIdleAfterDimMin;
extern const int kIdleAfterDimMax;
extern const char kBatteryChargeHealthName[];
extern const int kBatteryChargeHealthMax;
extern const char kBatteryDischargeRateName[];
extern const int kBatteryDischargeRateMin;
extern const int kBatteryDischargeRateMax;
extern const int kBatteryDischargeRateIntervalSec;
extern const char kBatteryDischargeRateWhileSuspendedName[];
extern const int kBatteryDischargeRateWhileSuspendedMin;
extern const int kBatteryDischargeRateWhileSuspendedMax;
extern const int kBatteryDischargeRateWhileSuspendedMinSuspendSec;
extern const char kBatteryRemainingWhenChargeStartsName[];
extern const char kBatteryRemainingAtEndOfSessionName[];
extern const char kBatteryRemainingAtStartOfSessionName[];
extern const char kBatteryRemainingAtBootName[];
extern const char kNumberOfAlsAdjustmentsPerSessionName[];
extern const int kNumberOfAlsAdjustmentsPerSessionMin;
extern const int kNumberOfAlsAdjustmentsPerSessionMax;
extern const char kUserBrightnessAdjustmentsPerSessionName[];
extern const int kUserBrightnessAdjustmentsPerSessionMin;
extern const int kUserBrightnessAdjustmentsPerSessionMax;
extern const char kLengthOfSessionName[];
extern const int kLengthOfSessionMin;
extern const int kLengthOfSessionMax;
extern const char kNumOfSessionsPerChargeName[];
extern const int kNumOfSessionsPerChargeMin;
extern const int kNumOfSessionsPerChargeMax;
extern const char kPowerButtonDownTimeName[];
extern const int kPowerButtonDownTimeMin;
extern const int kPowerButtonDownTimeMax;
extern const char kPowerButtonAcknowledgmentDelayName[];
extern const int kPowerButtonAcknowledgmentDelayMin;
extern const int kPowerButtonAcknowledgmentDelayMax;
extern const char kBatteryInfoSampleName[];
extern const char kPowerSupplyMaxVoltageName[];
extern const int kPowerSupplyMaxVoltageMax;
extern const char kPowerSupplyMaxPowerName[];
extern const int kPowerSupplyMaxPowerMax;
extern const char kPowerSupplyTypeName[];
extern const char kConnectedChargingPortsName[];
extern const char kExternalBrightnessRequestResultName[];
extern const char kExternalBrightnessReadResultName[];
extern const char kExternalBrightnessWriteResultName[];
extern const char kExternalDisplayOpenResultName[];
extern const int kExternalDisplayResultMax;
extern const char kDarkResumeWakeupsPerHourName[];
extern const int kDarkResumeWakeupsPerHourMin;
extern const int kDarkResumeWakeupsPerHourMax;
extern const char kDarkResumeWakeDurationMsName[];
extern const int kDarkResumeWakeDurationMsMin;
extern const int kDarkResumeWakeDurationMsMax;
extern const char kS0ixResidencyRateName[];
// Values for kBatteryInfoSampleName.
enum class BatteryInfoSampleResult {
// Values for kPowerSupplyTypeName. Do not renumber.
enum class PowerSupplyType {
OTHER = 0,
MAINS = 1,
USB = 2,
USB_ACA = 3,
USB_CDP = 4,
USB_DCP = 5,
USB_C = 6,
USB_PD = 7,
// Keep this last and increment it if a new value is inserted.
MAX = 10,
// Values for kConnectedChargingPortsName. Do not renumber.
enum class ConnectedChargingPorts {
NONE = 0,
PORT1 = 1,
PORT2 = 2,
PORT1_PORT2 = 3,
// Keep this last and increment it if a new value is inserted.
MAX = 5,
} // namespace metrics
} // namespace power_manager