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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace typecd {
// Some SVIDs and VDOs we can use to populate the sysfs directories.
// NOTE: These belong to the Startech TB3DK2DPW Alpine Ridge Dock.
const int kDPAltModeIndex = 0;
const uint16_t kDPSVID = 0xff01;
const uint32_t kDPVDO = 0x1c46;
const uint32_t kDPVDOIndex = 0;
// DP Alt mode Discovery data for Dell WD19TB dock.
const uint32_t kDPVDO_WD19TB = 0x1c05;
const uint32_t kDPVDOIndex_WD19TB = 0;
// DP Alt mode Discovery data for Gatkex Creek dock.
const uint32_t kDPVDO_GatkexCreek = 0x1c0045;
const uint32_t kDPVDOIndex_GatkexCreek = 0;
// Common responses to DiscoveSVID for TBT Alt mode.
const int kTBTAltModeIndex = 1;
const uint16_t kTBTSVID = 0x8087;
const uint32_t kTBTVDO = 0x1;
const uint32_t kTBTVDOIndex = 0;
// Responses for TBT Alt Mode on Gatkex Creek.
const uint32_t kTBTVDO_GatkexCreek = 0x4040001;
const uint32_t kTBTVDOIndex_GatkexCreek = 0;
// Dell WD19TB proprietary alt mode responses
const uint16_t kDellSVID_WD19TB = 0x413c;
const uint32_t kDell_WD19TB_VDO1 = 0x1;
const uint32_t kDell_WD19TB_VDO2 = 0x2;
constexpr char kFakePort0SysPath[] = "/sys/class/typec/port0";
constexpr char kFakePort0PartnerSysPath[] =
constexpr char kFakePort0CableSysPath[] = "/sys/class/typec/port0/port0-cable";
constexpr char kFakePort0SOPPrimeAltModeSysPath[] =
constexpr char kFakePort0SOPDoublePrimeAltModeSysPath[] =
} // namespace typecd