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IP Configuration Handling
IP basics
Layer 3 configuration state is managed on a per-device basis. When
a device is connected, it will have an IPConfig record associated with
it. In addition, connected services will have an "IPConfig" property
which will contain the path to this record. These properties of the
IPConfig record represent the current state of connectivity of the
IPConfig hierarchy
Service org.chromium.flimflam
Interface org.chromium.flimflam.IPConfig
Object path [variable prefix]/{ipconfig0,ipconfig1,...}
Methods dict GetProperties()
Return properties for the IPConfig object. See
the properties section for available properties.
Signals PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)
This signal indicates a changed value of the given
Properties string Address [readonly]
The Layer 3 address expressed in the dotted-quad format
for IPv4 and any allowed format for IPv6 (as specified
for inet_pton(3)).
string Broadcast [readonly]
The Layer 3 broadcast address specified as per Address.
string DomainName [readonly]
The DNS domain name to use in building FQDN queries.
string Gateway [readonly]
The Layer 3 address gateway address specified as
per Address.
string Method [readonly]
The method by which Layer 3 state is managed.
Possible methods are:
"ipv4" (fixed IPv4 network state)
"ipv6" (fixed IPv6 network state)
"dhcp" (IPv4 state setup using DHCP)
"bootp" (IPv4 state setup using BOOTP)
"zeroconf" (IPV4 state setup using ZeroConf)
"dhcp6" (IPv6 state setup using DHCP6)
"ppp" (IPv4 state setup using PPP)
"vpn" (IPv4 state setup using VPN)
int32 Mtu [readonly]
The maximum transmit unit (MTU) in bytes.
array{string} NameServers [readonly]
The Layer 3 addresses of DNS domain name servers to
use for DNS requests.
string PeerAddress [readonly]
The Layer 3 address associated with the destination
endpoint of a point-to-point link. This value is
specified as per Address.
int32 Prefixlen [readonly]
The number of bits in a Layer 3 address that are
part of the network address. For IPv4 networks this
corresponds to the length of the network mask; e.g.
a netmask of has a prefixlen of 24
(note arbitrary CIDR masks are not supported.)
array{uint8} VendorEncapsulatedOptions [readonly]
Server-provided value for the DHCP option 43
value. Its interpretation varies based on
the DHCP server.
string WebProxyAutoDiscoveryUrl [readonly]
The Web Proxy Auto-Discovery URL for this network
as reported over DHCP.
array{uint8} iSNSOptionData [readonly]
Server-provided value for the DHCPv4 option 83. This
option allows Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS)
clients to discover the location of the iSNS server
automatically. The property is stored as a byte
array, leaving the burden to iSNS clients to parse it
according to RFC4174.