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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/compiler_specific.h>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <base/timer/timer.h>
#include <gtest/gtest_prod.h>
#include "power_manager/common/clock.h"
#include "power_manager/common/power_constants.h"
#include "power_manager/powerd/policy/suspender.h"
#include "power_manager/powerd/system/power_supply.h"
namespace power_manager {
class PrefsInterface;
namespace policy {
class BacklightController;
namespace metrics {
// Used by Daemon to report metrics by way of Chrome.
// This class handles the reporting of complex metrics (e.g. tracking the
// session start time and reporting related metrics after the session stops).
// Classes that just need to report simple metrics in response to an event
// should use the convenience functions declared in common/metrics_sender.h to
// send metrics directly.
class MetricsCollector {
// Path to S0ix residency counter for big-core CPU. This counter indicates the
// time spent by the cpus in S0ix (in microseconds).
static constexpr char kBigCoreS0ixResidencyPath[] =
// Path to S0ix residency counter for small-core CPU. This counter indicates
// the time spent by the cpus in S0ix (in microseconds).
static constexpr char kSmallCoreS0ixResidencyPath[] =
// Expected overhead time to enter/exit S0ix after suspending. This is just an
// approximation to prevent aggressive warnings.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta KS0ixOverheadTime =
// Returns a copy of |enum_name| with a suffix describing |power_source|
// appended to it. Public so it can be called by tests.
static std::string AppendPowerSourceToEnumName(const std::string& enum_name,
PowerSource power_source);
// Calculates the S0ix residency percentage that should be reported
// as part of UMA metrics by MetricsCollector.
static int GetExpectedS0ixResidencyPercent(
const base::TimeDelta& suspend_time,
const base::TimeDelta& actual_residency);
MetricsCollector(const MetricsCollector&) = delete;
MetricsCollector& operator=(const MetricsCollector&) = delete;
// Initializes the object and starts |generate_backlight_metrics_timer_|.
// Ownership of pointers remains with the caller.
void Init(PrefsInterface* prefs,
policy::BacklightController* display_backlight_controller,
policy::BacklightController* keyboard_backlight_controller,
const system::PowerStatus& power_status,
bool first_run_after_boot);
// Records changes to system state.
void HandleScreenDimmedChange(bool dimmed,
base::TimeTicks last_user_activity_time);
void HandleScreenOffChange(bool off, base::TimeTicks last_user_activity_time);
void HandleSessionStateChange(SessionState state);
void HandlePowerStatusUpdate(const system::PowerStatus& status);
void HandleShutdown(ShutdownReason reason);
// Called at the beginning of a suspend request (which may consist of multiple
// suspend attempts).
void PrepareForSuspend();
// Called at the end of a successful suspend request. |num_suspend_attempts|
// contains the number of attempts up to and including the one in which the
// system successfully suspended.
void HandleResume(int num_suspend_attempts);
// Called after a suspend request (that is, a series of one or more suspend
// attempts performed in response to e.g. the lid being closed) is canceled.
void HandleCanceledSuspendRequest(int num_suspend_attempts);
// Called after a suspend request has completed (successfully or not).
// Generates UMA metrics for dark resume. The size of |wake_durations| is the
// number of times the system woke up in dark resume during the suspend
// request and the value of each element is the time spent in dark resume for
// the corresponding wake. |suspend_duration| is the total time the system
// spent in user-visible suspend (including the time spent in dark resume).
void GenerateDarkResumeMetrics(
const std::vector<policy::Suspender::DarkResumeInfo>& wake_durations,
base::TimeDelta suspend_duration);
// Generates UMA metrics on when leaving the idle state.
void GenerateUserActivityMetrics();
// Generates UMA metrics about the current backlight level.
void GenerateBacklightLevelMetrics();
// Handles the power button being pressed or released.
void HandlePowerButtonEvent(ButtonState state);
// Sends a metric reporting the amount of time that Chrome took to acknowledge
// a power button event.
void SendPowerButtonAcknowledgmentDelayMetric(base::TimeDelta delay);
// Sets a prefix path which is used as file system root when testing.
// Setting to an empty path removes the prefix.
void set_prefix_path_for_testing(const base::FilePath& file) {
prefix_path_for_testing_ = file;
friend class MetricsCollectorTest;
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsCollectorTest, BacklightLevel);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsCollectorTest, SendMetricWithPowerSource);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsCollectorTest, WakeReasonToHistogramName);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsCollectorTest, GatherDarkResumeMetrics);
// These methods append the current power source to |name|.
bool SendMetricWithPowerSource(
const std::string& name, int sample, int min, int max, int num_buckets);
bool SendEnumMetricWithPowerSource(const std::string& name,
int sample,
int max);
// Generates a battery discharge rate UMA metric sample. Returns
// true if a sample was sent to UMA, false otherwise.
void GenerateBatteryDischargeRateMetric();
// Sends a histogram sample containing the rate at which the battery
// discharged while the system was suspended if the system was on battery
// power both before suspending and after resuming. Called by
// GenerateMetricsOnPowerEvent(). Returns true if the sample was sent.
void GenerateBatteryDischargeRateWhileSuspendedMetric();
// Increments the number of user sessions that have been active on the
// current battery charge.
void IncrementNumOfSessionsPerChargeMetric();
// Generates number of sessions per charge UMA metric sample if the current
// stored value is greater then 0.
void GenerateNumOfSessionsPerChargeMetric();
// On devices that suspend to idle (S0ix), the power rail that supplies power
// to the CPU is left on. Ideally CPUs enter the lowest power state (S0ix)
// during suspend. But a malfunctioning driver/peripheral can keep the CPUs
// busy, draining the battery. This function parses the counter that keeps
// track of number of usecs the cpu spends in the lowest power state before
// and after suspend. It then generates UMA metrics for percentage of suspend
// time the system spends in the lowest power state.
// This function parses the counter that keeps track of number of usecs the
// CPU spends in the lowest power state. When |pre_suspend| is true, it
// records the residency in |s0ix_residency_usecs_before_suspend_|. When it's
// false, it reports the S0ix residency rate (%) in comparision to suspend
// time.
void TrackS0ixResidency(bool pre_suspend);
// Returns new FilePath after prepending |prefix_path_for_testing_| to
// given file path.
base::FilePath GetPrefixedFilePath(const base::FilePath& file_path) const;
PrefsInterface* prefs_ = nullptr;
policy::BacklightController* display_backlight_controller_ = nullptr;
policy::BacklightController* keyboard_backlight_controller_ = nullptr;
Clock clock_;
// Last power status passed to HandlePowerStatusUpdate().
system::PowerStatus last_power_status_;
// Current session state.
SessionState session_state_ = SessionState::STOPPED;
// Time at which the current session (if any) started.
base::TimeTicks session_start_time_;
// Runs GenerateBacklightLevelMetric().
base::RepeatingTimer generate_backlight_metrics_timer_;
// Timestamp of the last generated battery discharge rate metric.
base::TimeTicks last_battery_discharge_rate_metric_timestamp_;
// Timestamp of the last time the power button was down.
base::TimeTicks last_power_button_down_timestamp_;
// Timestamp of the last idle event (that is, either
// |screen_dim_timestamp_| or |screen_off_timestamp_|).
base::TimeTicks last_idle_event_timestamp_;
// Idle duration as of the last idle event.
base::TimeDelta last_idle_timedelta_;
// Timestamps of the last idle-triggered power state transitions.
base::TimeTicks screen_dim_timestamp_;
base::TimeTicks screen_off_timestamp_;
// Information recorded by PrepareForSuspend() just before the system
// suspends. |time_before_suspend_| is initialized using CLOCK_BOOTTIME,
// which is identical to CLOCK_MONOTONIC, but includes any time spent in
// suspend.
double battery_energy_before_suspend_ = 0.0;
bool on_line_power_before_suspend_ = false;
base::TimeTicks time_before_suspend_;
uint64_t s0ix_residency_usecs_before_suspend_ = 0;
bool pre_suspend_s0ix_read_successful_ = false;
// Set by HandleResume() to indicate that
// GenerateBatteryDischargeRateWhileSuspendedMetric() should send a
// sample when it is next called.
bool report_battery_discharge_rate_while_suspended_ = false;
// Path to S0ix residency file on current device.
base::FilePath s0ix_residency_path_;
// Max residency that |s0ix_residency_path_| can report. On big-core
// platforms the default value is set to 100*UINT32_MAX in the Init().
base::TimeDelta max_s0ix_residency_ = base::TimeDelta::Max();
// True if suspend to idle (S0ix) is enabled.
bool suspend_to_idle_ = false;
// If non-empty, contains a temp dir that will be prepended to paths.
base::FilePath prefix_path_for_testing_;
} // namespace metrics
} // namespace power_manager