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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto2";
package cryptohome;
import "key.proto";
import "signature_sealed_data.proto";
message SerializedVaultKeyset {
enum Flags {
NONE = 0;
// The keyset is encrypted via Scrypt, where the Scrypt KDF passphrase is
// protected with the signing cryptographic key specified in
// |signature_challenge_info.public_key_spki_der|. The process of obtaining
// the KDF passphrase involves signature challenges against this key.
// The keyset is valid only for two possible states of PCR. If this flag is
// set, the tpm_key corresponds to the default PCR state while
// extended_tpm_key corresponds to the state where PCR is extended by user
// specific value.
required int32 flags = 1;
required bytes salt = 2;
required bytes wrapped_keyset = 3;
optional bytes tpm_key = 4;
optional bytes tpm_public_key_hash = 5;
optional int32 password_rounds = 6;
// A deprecated field was removed.
optional int64 last_activity_timestamp = 8;
// Metadata that should be defined in one file
// per principal (not per key).
// TODO(wad) ^^^
// optional string human_readable_name;
// required bytes identifier; // Unique to the origin
// required string origin;
// optional string idp_uri; // authoritative uri for the key
// message OptionalMetadata {
// required string name = 1;
// required bytes value = 2;
// }
// repeated OptionalMetadata metadata;
// This will come from system_api once we're finalized on the API.
optional KeyData key_data = 9;
optional bytes wrapped_chaps_key = 10;
// Used to derive the high entropy reset secret.
// There is a single reset_seed per user. The reset_seed will be used
// to generate a reset credential, which is stored in the Low Entropy (LE)
// credential metadata. Since the reset_seed can be used to unlock
// previously locked out LE credentials, it has to be stored in encrypted
// form inside wrapped_reset_seed.
// We encrypt the reset_seed with the VKK, which is tied to the user
// phrase. This way, the reset_seed will only be available during
// sign-in.
// Once a user signs in, the VaultKeyset will have the unwrapped version,
// i.e reset_seed.
// The reset_seed is kept in sync across different Keysets for a particular
// user. When a new keyset is being added using Homedirs::AddKeyset()
// we check whether a wrapped_reset_seed is already present in the
// VaultKeyset. If one exists, we simply re-use it.
// If a previously created "normal" credential is being used to create
// an LE credential in AddKeyset(), and it doesn't have a reset_seed,
// we generate one and resave the credential before creating the
// LE credential.
optional bytes wrapped_reset_seed = 11;
// Used during EncryptTPM/DecryptTPM to perform AES encryption of the
// reset_seed.
optional bytes reset_iv = 12;
// Label under which this key's low entropy and high entropy secrets
// are stored by LECredentialManager.
optional uint64 le_label = 13;
// Used during EncryptLECredential/DecryptLECredential to perform AES
// encryption of the file encryption key and chaps key in VaultKeyset.
optional bytes le_fek_iv = 14;
optional bytes le_chaps_iv = 15;
// Used *only* by EncryptLECredential/DecryptLECredential to derive the
// per-credential reset_secret from the per-user |reset_seed| using
// HMACSha256.
optional bytes reset_salt = 16;
// Fields specific to the challenge-response protection.
// The Scrypt KDF passphrase, used for the protection of the keyset, is
// defined as a concatenation of two values:
// * The first is the blob which is sealed in |sealed_secret|.
// * The second is the deterministic signature of |salt| using the
// |salt_signature_algorithm| algorithm.
// The cryptographic key specified in |public_key_spki_der| is used for both.
message SignatureChallengeInfo {
// DER-encoded blob of the X.509 Subject Public Key Info of the key to be
// challenged in order to obtain the KDF passphrase for decrypting the vault
// keyset.
optional bytes public_key_spki_der = 1;
// Container with the secret data which is sealed using the TPM in a way
// that the process of its unsealing involves signature challenges against
// the specified key. This secret data is one of the sources for building
// the KDF passphrase.
optional SignatureSealedData sealed_secret = 2;
// Salt whose signature is another source for building the KDF passphrase.
optional bytes salt = 3;
// Signature algorithm to be used for signing |salt|.
// NOTE: the signature algorithm has to be deterministic (that is, always
// produce the same output for the same input).
optional ChallengeSignatureAlgorithm salt_signature_algorithm = 4;
// Set only when the |SIGNATURE_CHALLENGE_PROTECTED| flag is present.
optional SignatureChallengeInfo signature_challenge_info = 17;
// Set if the keyset has PCR_BOUND flag. Represents the encrypted vkk_key for
// the case when PCR is extended with user specific value.
optional bytes extended_tpm_key = 18;
// Set if the vault keyset should be used with fscrypt v2 encryption policies.
optional int32 fscrypt_policy_version = 20;
// Deprecated fields that were removed.
reserved 7, 19;