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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Mount - class for managing cryptohome user keys and mounts. In Chrome OS,
// users are managed on top of a shared unix user, chronos. When a user logs
// in, cryptohome mounts their encrypted home directory to /home/chronos/user,
// and Chrome does a profile switch to that directory. All user data in their
// home directory is transparently encrypted, providing protection against
// offline theft. On logout, the mount point is removed.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/callback.h>
#include <base/files/file_path.h>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <base/memory/ref_counted.h>
#include <base/synchronization/condition_variable.h>
#include <base/synchronization/lock.h>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <base/timer/timer.h>
#include <base/values.h>
#include <brillo/secure_blob.h>
#include <chromeos/dbus/service_constants.h>
#include <gtest/gtest_prod.h>
#include <policy/device_policy.h>
#include <policy/libpolicy.h>
#include "cryptohome/dircrypto_data_migrator/migration_helper.h"
#include "cryptohome/migration_type.h"
#include "cryptohome/platform.h"
#include "cryptohome/storage/file_system_keyset.h"
#include "cryptohome/storage/homedirs.h"
#include "cryptohome/storage/mount_constants.h"
#include "cryptohome/storage/mount_helper.h"
#include "cryptohome/storage/out_of_process_mount_helper.h"
#include "cryptohome/vault_keyset.h"
#include "cryptohome/vault_keyset.pb.h"
namespace cryptohome {
class ChapsClientFactory;
// The Mount class handles mounting/unmounting of the user's cryptohome
// directory.
class Mount : public base::RefCountedThreadSafe<Mount> {
// Called before mount cryptohome.
using PreMountCallback = base::RepeatingCallback<void()>;
struct MountArgs {
bool create_if_missing = false;
// Whether the mount has to be ephemeral.
bool is_ephemeral = false;
// When creating a new cryptohome from scratch, use ecryptfs.
bool create_as_ecryptfs = false;
// Forces dircrypto, i.e., makes it an error to mount ecryptfs.
bool force_dircrypto = false;
// Mount the existing ecryptfs vault to a temporary location while setting
// up a new dircrypto directory.
bool to_migrate_from_ecryptfs = false;
// Only mount in shadow tree, don't expose the usual /home/(user)
// directories.
bool shadow_only = false;
// Sets up Mount with the default locations, username, etc., as defined above.
Mount(Platform* platform, HomeDirs* homedirs);
Mount(const Mount&) = delete;
Mount& operator=(const Mount&) = delete;
virtual ~Mount();
// Gets the uid/gid of the default user and loads the system salt
virtual bool Init();
// Makes mount type-specific preparation.
// Parameters
// obfuscated_username - salted hash of the username
// force_ecryptfs - force ECRYPTFS
virtual bool PrepareCryptohome(const std::string& obfuscated_username,
bool force_ecryptfs);
// Attempts to mount the cryptohome for the given username
// Parameters
// username - name of the user to mount
// file_system_keys - file system encryption keys of the user
// mount_args - The options for the call to mount:
// * Whether to create the cryptohome if it doesn't exist.
// * Whether to ensure that the mount is ephemeral.
// is_pristine - Whether it is the first mount of the vault.
// error - The specific error condition on failure
virtual bool MountCryptohome(const std::string& username,
const FileSystemKeyset& file_system_keys,
const MountArgs& mount_args,
bool is_pristine,
MountError* error);
// Attempts to mount an ephemeral cryptohome for the given username.
// Parameters
// username - name of the user to mount
virtual MountError MountEphemeralCryptohome(const std::string& username);
// Mounts a guest home directory to the cryptohome mount point.
virtual bool MountGuestCryptohome();
// Unmounts any mount at the cryptohome mount point
virtual bool UnmountCryptohome();
// Checks whether the mount point currently has a cryptohome mounted for the
// current user.
virtual bool IsMounted() const;
// Checks whether the mount point currently has a cryptohome mounted for the
// current user that is not ephemeral.
virtual bool IsNonEphemeralMounted() const;
// Get the HomeDirs instance
virtual HomeDirs* homedirs() { return homedirs_; }
// Returns associated platform object
virtual Platform* platform() { return platform_; }
virtual const base::FilePath& mount_point() const { return mount_point_; }
// Flag indicating if PKCS#11 is ready.
typedef enum {
kUninitialized = 0, // PKCS#11 initialization hasn't been attempted.
kIsWaitingOnTPM, // PKCS#11 initialization is waiting on TPM ownership,
kIsBeingInitialized, // PKCS#11 is being attempted asynchronously.
kIsInitialized, // PKCS#11 was attempted and succeeded.
kIsFailed, // PKCS#11 was attempted and failed.
kInvalidState, // We should never be in this state.
} Pkcs11State;
virtual void set_pkcs11_state(Pkcs11State value) { pkcs11_state_ = value; }
virtual Pkcs11State pkcs11_state() { return pkcs11_state_; }
// Returns the status of this mount as a Value
// The returned object is a dictionary whose keys describe the mount. Current
// keys are: "keysets", "mounted", "owner", "enterprise", and "type".
virtual base::Value GetStatus(int active_key_index);
// Inserts the current user's PKCS #11 token.
virtual bool InsertPkcs11Token();
// Removes the current user's PKCS #11 token.
virtual void RemovePkcs11Token();
// Returns true if this Mount instances owns the mount path.
virtual bool OwnsMountPoint(const base::FilePath& path) const;
// Migrates the data from eCryptfs to dircrypto.
// Call MountCryptohome with to_migrate_from_ecryptfs beforehand.
// If |migration_type| is MINIMAL, no progress reporting will be done and only
// allowlisted paths will be migrated.
virtual bool MigrateToDircrypto(
const dircrypto_data_migrator::MigrationHelper::ProgressCallback&
MigrationType migration_type);
// Cancels the active dircrypto migration if there is, and wait for it to
// stop.
void MaybeCancelActiveDircryptoMigrationAndWait();
// Returns true if this Mount was mounted with |shadow_only|=true. This is
// only valid when IsMounted() is true.
bool IsShadowOnly() const;
// Returns the WebAuthn secret and clears it from memory.
std::unique_ptr<brillo::SecureBlob> GetWebAuthnSecret();
void set_legacy_mount(bool legacy) { legacy_mount_ = legacy; }
void set_bind_mount_downloads(bool bind) { bind_mount_downloads_ = bind; }
// Does not take ownership.
void set_chaps_client_factory(ChapsClientFactory* factory) {
chaps_client_factory_ = factory;
// Only used in tests.
void set_mount_guest_session_out_of_process(bool oop) {
mount_guest_session_out_of_process_ = oop;
void set_mount_non_ephemeral_session_out_of_process(bool oop) {
mount_non_ephemeral_session_out_of_process_ = oop;
void set_mount_guest_session_non_root_namespace(bool non_root_ns) {
mount_guest_session_non_root_namespace_ = non_root_ns;
FRIEND_TEST(ServiceInterfaceTest, CheckAsyncTestCredentials);
friend class MakeTests;
friend class MountTest;
friend class ChapsDirectoryTest;
friend class EphemeralNoUserSystemTest;
// Creates the tracked subdirectories in a user's cryptohome
// If the cryptohome did not have tracked directories, but had them untracked,
// migrates their contents.
// Parameters
// username - name of the user to create directories for
virtual bool CreateTrackedSubdirectories(const std::string& username) const;
// Determine the mount type of the existing vault.
MountType DeriveVaultMountType(const std::string& obfuscated_username,
bool shall_migrate) const;
// Choose the mount type for the new vault.
MountType ChooseVaultMountType(bool force_ecryptfs) const;
virtual bool AddEcryptfsAuthToken(const FileSystemKeyset& file_system_keyset,
std::string* key_signature,
std::string* filename_key_signature) const;
// Gets the directory in the shadow root where the user's salt, key, and vault
// are stored.
// Parameters
// obfuscated_username - Obfuscated username field of the Credentials
base::FilePath GetUserDirectoryForUser(
const std::string& obfuscated_username) const;
// Gets the directory to mount the user's ephemeral cryptohome at.
// Parameters
// obfuscated_username - Obfuscated username field of the credentials.
base::FilePath GetUserEphemeralMountDirectory(
const std::string& obfuscated_username) const;
// Gets the directory to temporarily mount the user's cryptohome at.
// Parameters
// obfuscated_username - Obfuscated username field of the credentials.
base::FilePath GetUserTemporaryMountDirectory(
const std::string& obfuscated_username) const;
// Returns the path of a user passthrough inside a vault
// Parameters
// vault - vault path
base::FilePath VaultPathToUserPath(const base::FilePath& vault) const;
// Returns the path of a root passthrough inside a vault
// Parameters
// vault - vault path
base::FilePath VaultPathToRootPath(const base::FilePath& vault) const;
// Returns the mounted userhome path for ephemeral user
// (e.g. /home/.shadow/.../ephemeral-mount/user)
// Parameters
// obfuscated_username - Obfuscated username field of the credentials.
base::FilePath GetMountedEphemeralUserHomePath(
const std::string& obfuscated_username) const;
// Returns the mounted roothome path for ephemeral user (
// e.g. /home/.shadow/.../ephemeral-mount/root)
// Parameters
// obfuscated_username - Obfuscated username field of the credentials.
base::FilePath GetMountedEphemeralRootHomePath(
const std::string& obfuscated_username) const;
// Checks Chaps Directory and makes sure that it has the correct
// permissions, owner uid and gid. If any of these values are
// incorrect, the correct values are set. If the directory
// does not exist, it is created and initialzed with the correct
// values. If the directory or its attributes cannot be checked,
// set or created, a fatal error has occured and the function
// returns false.
// Parameters
// dir - directory to check
bool CheckChapsDirectory(const base::FilePath& dir);
// Mounts and populates an ephemeral cryptohome backed by tmpfs for the given
// user.
// Parameters
// username - Username for the user
// ephemeral_mounter - Mounter class to use. Allows mounting Guest sessions
// out of process
// cleanup - Closure to use in UnmountCryptohome(), and to clean up in case
// of failure
bool MountEphemeralCryptohomeInternal(const std::string& username,
MountHelperInterface* ephemeral_mounter,
base::Closure cleanup);
// Tears down an ephemeral cryptohome mount, and deletes the underlying loop
// device and sparse file.
void TearDownEphemeralMount();
// Unmounts all mount points, and invalidates the dircrypto encryption key.
// Relies on ForceUnmount() internally; see the caveat listed for it
void UnmountAndDropKeys(base::OnceClosure unmounter);
// Derives PKCS #11 token authorization data from a passkey. This may take up
// to ~100ms (dependant on CPU / memory performance). Returns true on success.
bool DeriveTokenAuthData(const brillo::SecureBlob& passkey,
std::string* auth_data);
// Computes a public derivative from |fek| and |fnek| for u2fd to fetch.
void PrepareWebAuthnSecret(const std::string& obfuscated_username,
const brillo::SecureBlob& fek,
const brillo::SecureBlob& fnek);
// Clears the WebAuthn secret if it's not read yet.
void ClearWebAuthnSecret();
// The uid of the shared user. Ownership of the user's vault is set to this
// uid.
uid_t default_user_;
// The uid of the chaps user. Ownership of the user's PKCS #11 token directory
// is set to this uid.
uid_t chaps_user_;
// The gid of the shared user. Ownership of the user's vault is set to this
// gid.
gid_t default_group_;
// The gid of the shared access group. Ownership of the user's home and
// Downloads directory to this gid.
gid_t default_access_group_;
// The file path to mount cryptohome at. Defaults to /home/chronos/user
base::FilePath mount_point_;
// Stores the global system salt
brillo::SecureBlob system_salt_;
// The platform-specific calls
Platform* platform_;
// HomeDirs encapsulates operations on Cryptohomes at rest.
HomeDirs* homedirs_;
// Name of the user the mount belongs to.
std::string username_;
Pkcs11State pkcs11_state_;
// Used to track the user's passkey. PKCS #11 initialization consumes and
// clears this value.
brillo::SecureBlob pkcs11_token_auth_data_;
// Dircrypto key reference.
dircrypto::KeyReference dircrypto_key_reference_;
// Whether to mount the legacy homedir or not (see MountLegacyHome)
bool legacy_mount_;
// Whether to bind mount Downloads/.
bool bind_mount_downloads_;
// Indicates the type of the current mount.
// This is only valid when IsMounted() is true.
MountType mount_type_;
// true if mounted with |shadow_only|=true. This is only valid when
// IsMounted() is true.
bool shadow_only_;
std::unique_ptr<ChapsClientFactory> default_chaps_client_factory_;
ChapsClientFactory* chaps_client_factory_;
dircrypto_data_migrator::MigrationHelper* active_dircrypto_migrator_ =
bool is_dircrypto_migration_cancelled_ = false;
base::Lock active_dircrypto_migrator_lock_;
base::ConditionVariable dircrypto_migration_stopped_condition_;
// |mounter_| encapsulates mount(2)/umount(2) operations required to perform
// and tear down cryptohome mounts. It performs these operations in-process.
std::unique_ptr<MountHelper> mounter_;
// |out_of_process_mounter_| also encapsulates mount(2) and umount(2)
// operations, but will perform these operations out-of-process.
// This is currently only used for Guest sessions.
bool mount_guest_session_out_of_process_;
// Use the |out-of-process mounter_| for non-ephemeral sessions.
bool mount_non_ephemeral_session_out_of_process_;
bool mount_guest_session_non_root_namespace_;
std::unique_ptr<OutOfProcessMountHelper> out_of_process_mounter_;
// Secret for WebAuthn credentials.
std::unique_ptr<brillo::SecureBlob> webauthn_secret_;
// Timer for clearing the |webauthn_secret_| if not read.
base::OneShotTimer clear_webauthn_secret_timer_;
// This closure will be run in UnmountCryptohome().
base::OnceClosure mount_cleanup_;
FRIEND_TEST(MountTest, NamespaceCreationPass);
FRIEND_TEST(MountTest, NamespaceCreationFail);
FRIEND_TEST(MountTest, RememberMountOrderingTest);
FRIEND_TEST(MountTest, CreateCryptohomeTest);
FRIEND_TEST(MountTest, CreateTrackedSubdirectories);
FRIEND_TEST(MountTest, CreateTrackedSubdirectoriesReplaceExistingDir);
FRIEND_TEST(EphemeralNoUserSystemTest, CreateMyFilesDownloads);
FRIEND_TEST(EphemeralNoUserSystemTest, CreateMyFilesDownloadsAlreadyExists);
FRIEND_TEST(EphemeralNoUserSystemTest, MountGuestUserDir);
} // namespace cryptohome