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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cryptohome/auth_session.h"
#include <string>
#include <utility>
namespace cryptohome {
// Size of the values used serialization of UnguessableToken.
constexpr int kSizeOfSerializedValueInToken = sizeof(uint64_t);
// Number of uint64 used serialization of UnguessableToken.
constexpr int kNumberOfSerializedValuesInToken = 2;
// Offset where the high value is used in Serialized string.
constexpr int kHighTokenOffset = 0;
// Offset where the low value is used in Serialized string.
constexpr int kLowTokenOffset = kSizeOfSerializedValueInToken;
// AuthSession will time out if it is active after this time interval.
constexpr base::TimeDelta kAuthSessionTimeoutInMinutes =
std::string username,
base::OnceCallback<void(const base::UnguessableToken&)> on_timeout)
: username_(username), on_timeout_(std::move(on_timeout)) {
token_ = base::UnguessableToken::Create();
FROM_HERE, kAuthSessionTimeoutInMinutes,
base::Bind(&AuthSession::AuthSessionTimedOut, base::Unretained(this)));
AuthSession::~AuthSession() = default;
void AuthSession::AuthSessionTimedOut() {
status_ = AuthStatus::kAuthStatusTimedOut;
// After this call back to |UserDataAuth|, |this| object will be deleted.
// static
base::Optional<std::string> AuthSession::GetSerializedStringFromToken(
const base::UnguessableToken& token) {
if (token == base::UnguessableToken::Null()) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Invalid UnguessableToken given";
return base::nullopt;
std::string serialized_token;
serialized_token.resize(kSizeOfSerializedValueInToken *
uint64_t high = token.GetHighForSerialization();
uint64_t low = token.GetLowForSerialization();
memcpy(&serialized_token[kHighTokenOffset], &high, sizeof(high));
memcpy(&serialized_token[kLowTokenOffset], &low, sizeof(low));
return serialized_token;
// static
AuthSession::GetTokenFromSerializedString(const std::string& serialized_token) {
if (serialized_token.size() !=
kSizeOfSerializedValueInToken * kNumberOfSerializedValuesInToken) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Incorrect serialized string size";
return base::nullopt;
uint64_t high, low;
memcpy(&high, &serialized_token[kHighTokenOffset], sizeof(high));
memcpy(&low, &serialized_token[kLowTokenOffset], sizeof(low));
return base::UnguessableToken::Deserialize(high, low);
} // namespace cryptohome