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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <metrics/metrics_library.h>
#include <metrics/timer.h>
#include "authpolicy/proto_bindings/active_directory_info.pb.h"
namespace chromeos_metrics {
class TimerReporter;
} // namespace chromeos_metrics
namespace authpolicy {
// Timer metrics. Measure execution time of certain commands or functions. Keep
// in sync with kTimerHistogramParams!
enum TimerType {
TIMER_NET_ADS_GPO_LIST, // net ads gpo list.
TIMER_NET_ADS_INFO, // net ads info.
TIMER_NET_ADS_JOIN, // net ads join.
TIMER_NET_ADS_SEARCH, // net ads search.
TIMER_NET_ADS_WORKGROUP, // net ads workgroup.
TIMER_KINIT, // kinit.
TIMER_KLIST, // klist.
TIMER_KPASSWD, // kpasswd.
TIMER_SMBCLIENT, // smbclient.
TIMER_AUTHENTICATE_USER, // User authentication D-Bus call.
TIMER_GET_USER_STATUS, // User status query D-Bus call.
TIMER_GET_USER_KERBEROS_FILES, // User kerberos files query D-Bus call.
TIMER_JOIN_AD_DOMAIN, // Domain join D-Bus call.
TIMER_REFRESH_USER_POLICY, // User/device policy fetch D-Bus calls,
TIMER_REFRESH_DEVICE_POLICY, // including the Session Manager calls.
TIMER_COUNT, // Total number of timers.
TIMER_NONE, // Invalid/no timer.
// Normal exponential metrics. Keep in sync with kMetricHistogramParams!
enum MetricType {
METRIC_KINIT_FAILED_TRY_COUNT, // Number of failed kinit tries.
METRIC_SMBCLIENT_FAILED_TRY_COUNT, // Number of failed smbclient tries.
METRIC_DOWNLOAD_GPO_COUNT, // Number of GPOs to download.
METRIC_COUNT, // Total number of metrics.
// Enum metric for error types returned from D-Bus calls and scheduled
// operations. Should contain all D-Bus calls in authpolicy::AuthPolicy. Keep in
// sync with kErrorTypeMetricParams!
enum ErrorMetricType {
ERROR_OF_AUTHENTICATE_USER, // D-Bus call AuthenticateUser.
ERROR_OF_GET_USER_STATUS, // D-Bus call GetUserStatus.
ERROR_OF_GET_USER_KERBEROS_FILES, // D-Bus call GetUserKerberosFiles.
ERROR_OF_JOIN_AD_DOMAIN, // D-Bus call JoinAdDomain.
ERROR_OF_REFRESH_USER_POLICY, // D-Bus call RefreshUserPolicy.
ERROR_OF_REFRESH_DEVICE_POLICY, // D-Bus call RefreshDevicePolicy.
ERROR_OF_AUTO_TGT_RENEWAL, // Automatic TGT renewal.
ERROR_OF_AUTO_MACHINE_PASSWORD_CHANGE, // Automatic machine password change.
// Enum metric for encryption types used during user authentication or domain
// join. Keep in sync with kEncryptionMetricParams!
enum EncryptionMetricType {
ENC_TYPES_OF_AUTHENTICATE_USER, // Encryption types used to authenticate
// user.
ENC_TYPES_OF_JOIN_AD_DOMAIN, // Encryption types used to join AD domain.
ENC_METRIC_COUNT, // Total number of encryption metrics.
class AuthPolicyMetrics;
// Simpler wrapper around |chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter| that starts the
// timer at construction and stops it and reports the total time at destruction.
class ScopedTimerReporter {
explicit ScopedTimerReporter(TimerType timer_type);
ScopedTimerReporter(const ScopedTimerReporter&) = delete;
ScopedTimerReporter& operator=(const ScopedTimerReporter&) = delete;
// Internal fudging to make sure the range of |timer_type| is checked before
// the array of timer parameters is accessed.
struct CheckedTimerType {
explicit CheckedTimerType(TimerType value);
TimerType value_;
explicit ScopedTimerReporter(CheckedTimerType timer_type);
chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter timer_;
// Submits UMA metrics for authpolicy. Some methods are virtual for tests.
class AuthPolicyMetrics {
AuthPolicyMetrics(const AuthPolicyMetrics&) = delete;
AuthPolicyMetrics& operator=(const AuthPolicyMetrics&) = delete;
virtual ~AuthPolicyMetrics();
// Report a |sample| for the given |metric_type|.
virtual void Report(MetricType metric_type, int sample);
// Report an |ErrorType| return value from a D-Bus query or a scheduled
// operation.
virtual void ReportError(ErrorMetricType metric_type, ErrorType error);
// Report the |KerberosEncryptionTypes| used during user authentication or
// domain join.
virtual void ReportEncryptionType(EncryptionMetricType metric_type,
KerberosEncryptionTypes encryption_types);
MetricsLibrary metrics_;
} // namespace authpolicy