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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// CDMA specialization of Gobi Modem
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <base/files/file_path.h>
#include <cromo/dbus_adaptors/org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.Cdma.h>
#include "gobi-cromo-plugin/gobi_modem.h"
class GobiModem;
class GobiCdmaModem
: public GobiModem,
public org::freedesktop::ModemManager::Modem::Cdma_adaptor {
GobiCdmaModem(DBus::Connection& connection,
const DBus::Path& path,
const gobi::DeviceElement& device,
gobi::Sdk *sdk,
GobiModemHelper *modem_helper);
virtual ~GobiCdmaModem();
virtual void Init();
// Modem methods
virtual CdmaAdaptor *cdma_adaptor() {
return static_cast<CdmaAdaptor*>(this);
// DBUS Methods: Modem.CDMA
virtual uint32_t GetSignalQuality(DBus::Error& error);
virtual std::string GetEsn(DBus::Error& error);
virtual DBus::Struct<uint32_t, std::string, uint32_t> GetServingSystem(
DBus::Error& error);
virtual void GetRegistrationState(
uint32_t& cdma_1x_state, uint32_t& evdo_state, DBus::Error& error);
virtual uint32_t Activate(const std::string& carrier_name,
DBus::Error& error);
virtual void ActivateManual(const utilities::DBusPropertyMap& properties,
DBus::Error& error);
virtual void ActivateManualDebug(
const std::map<std::string, std::string>& properties,
DBus::Error &error);
// DBUS Methods: ModemSimple
virtual void Connect(const utilities::DBusPropertyMap& properties,
DBus::Error& error);
// DBUS Methods: ModemGobi
virtual void ForceModemActivatedStatus(DBus::Error& error);
void GetCdmaRegistrationState(ULONG* cdma_1x_state, ULONG* cdma_evdo_state,
ULONG* roaming_state, DBus::Error& error);
// Returns the modem activation state as an enum value from
// MM_MODEM_CDMA_ACTIVATION_STATE_..., or < 0 for error. This state
// may be further overridden by ModifyModemStatusReturn()
int32_t GetMmActivationState();
// Overrides and extensions of GobiModem functions
virtual void RegisterCallbacks();
virtual void RegistrationStateHandler();
virtual void DataCapabilitiesHandler(BYTE num_data_caps,
ULONG* data_caps);
virtual void SignalStrengthHandler(INT8 signal_strength,
ULONG radio_interface);
virtual void SetTechnologySpecificProperties();
virtual void GetTechnologySpecificStatus(
utilities::DBusPropertyMap* properties);
virtual bool CheckEnableOk(DBus::Error &error);
// ======================================================================
struct ActivationStatusArgs : public CallbackArgs {
explicit ActivationStatusArgs(ULONG device_activation_state)
: device_activation_state(device_activation_state) {}
ULONG device_activation_state;
static void ActivationStatusCallbackTrampoline(ULONG activation_state) {
new ActivationStatusArgs(activation_state));
static gboolean ActivationStatusCallback(gpointer data);
struct OmadmStateArgs : public CallbackArgs {
OmadmStateArgs(ULONG session_state,
ULONG failure_reason)
: session_state(session_state),
failure_reason(failure_reason) { }
ULONG session_state;
ULONG failure_reason;
static void OmadmStateDeviceConfigureCallbackTrampoline(
ULONG session_state, ULONG failure_reason) {
new OmadmStateArgs(session_state,
static gboolean OmadmStateDeviceConfigureCallback(gpointer data);
static void OmadmStateClientPrlUpdateCallbackTrampoline(
ULONG session_state, ULONG failure_reason) {
new OmadmStateArgs(session_state,
static gboolean OmadmStateClientPrlUpdateCallback(gpointer data);
// ======================================================================
// Computes arguments for an ActivationStateChanged signal and sends
// is in fact activated.
void SendActivationStateChanged(uint32_t mm_activation_error);
// Helper that sends failure
void SendActivationStateFailed();
MetricsStopwatch activation_time_;
bool activation_in_progress_;
bool force_activated_status_;
// Returns a enum value from MM_MODEM_CDMA_ACTIVATION_ERROR
uint32_t ActivateOmadm();
// Returns a enum value from MM_MODEM_CDMA_ACTIVATION_ERROR
uint32_t ActivateOtasp(const std::string& number);
// Perform actions necessary when activation as finished
void ActivationFinished(void);
// Performs actions necessary when a modem is seen for the first time after
// it was activated and resetted.
void PerformPostActivationSteps();
// Starts a client initiated PRL update request.
void StartClientInitiatedPrlUpdate();
// Returns the path of the cookie crumb file used to indicate that post
// activation steps should be executed.
base::FilePath GetExecPostActivationStepsCookieCrumbPath() const;
// Writes a cookie crumb that signals post activation steps should be
// executed next time the modem appears to the system.
void MarkForExecPostActivationStepsAfterReset();
// Checks to see if post activation steps should be executed.
bool ShouldExecPostActivationSteps() const;
// Gets the latest registration state.
void GetRegistrationStateInternal(uint32_t& cdma_1x_state,
uint32_t& cdma_evdo_state,
DBus::Error& error);