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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/files/file_path.h>
#include "crash-reporter/crash_collector.h"
// Common functionality shared by user collectors.
class UserCollectorBase : public CrashCollector {
UserCollectorBase(const char *tag, bool force_user_crash_dir);
void Initialize(CountCrashFunction count_crash,
IsFeedbackAllowedFunction is_metrics_allowed,
bool generate_diagnostics,
bool directory_failure,
const std::string &filter_in);
// Handle a specific user crash. Returns true on success.
bool HandleCrash(const std::string &crash_attributes,
const char *force_exec);
// Enumeration to pass to GetIdFromStatus. Must match the order
// that the kernel lists IDs in the status file.
enum IdKind : int {
kIdReal = 0, // uid and gid
kIdEffective = 1, // euid and egid
kIdSet = 2, // suid and sgid
kIdFileSystem = 3, // fsuid and fsgid
enum ErrorType {
bool ParseCrashAttributes(const std::string &crash_attributes,
pid_t *pid, int *signal, uid_t *uid,
std::string *kernel_supplied_name);
bool ShouldDump(bool has_owner_consent,
bool is_developer,
std::string *reason) const;
// Logs a |message| detailing a crash, along with the |reason| for which the
// collector handled or ignored it.
void LogCrash(const std::string &message,
const std::string &reason) const;
// Returns, via |line|, the first line in |lines| that starts with |prefix|.
// Returns true if a line is found, or false otherwise.
bool GetFirstLineWithPrefix(const std::vector<std::string> &lines,
const char *prefix, std::string *line);
// Returns the identifier of |kind|, via |id|, found in |status_lines| on
// the line starting with |prefix|. |status_lines| contains the lines in
// the status file. Returns true if the identifier can be determined.
bool GetIdFromStatus(const char *prefix,
IdKind kind,
const std::vector<std::string> &status_lines,
int *id);
// Returns the process state, via |state|, found in |status_lines|, which
// contains the lines in the status file. Returns true if the process state
// can be determined.
bool GetStateFromStatus(const std::vector<std::string> &status_lines,
std::string *state);
bool ClobberContainerDirectory(const base::FilePath &container_dir);
void EnqueueCollectionErrorLog(pid_t pid, ErrorType error_type,
const std::string &exec_name);
// Returns the command and arguments for process |pid|. Returns an empty list
// on failure or if the process is a zombie. Virtual for testing.
virtual std::vector<std::string> GetCommandLine(pid_t pid) const;
// Path under which all temporary crash processing occurs.
const base::FilePath GetCrashProcessingDir();
bool initialized_ = false;
static const char *kUserId;
static const char *kGroupId;
virtual bool ShouldDump(pid_t pid,
uid_t uid,
const std::string &exec,
std::string *reason) = 0;
virtual ErrorType ConvertCoreToMinidump(
pid_t pid,
const base::FilePath &container_dir,
const base::FilePath &core_path,
const base::FilePath &minidump_path) = 0;
// Adds additional metadata for a crash of executable |exec| with |pid|.
virtual void AddExtraMetadata(const std::string &exec, pid_t pid) {}
ErrorType ConvertAndEnqueueCrash(pid_t pid,
const std::string &exec,
uid_t supplied_ruid,
bool *out_of_capacity);
// Returns an error type signature for a given |error_type| value,
// which is reported to the crash server along with the
// crash_reporter-user-collection signature.
std::string GetErrorTypeSignature(ErrorType error_type) const;
// Determines the crash directory for given pid based on pid's owner,
// and creates the directory if necessary with appropriate permissions.
// Returns true whether or not directory needed to be created, false on
// any failure.
bool GetCreatedCrashDirectory(pid_t pid, uid_t supplied_ruid,
base::FilePath *crash_file_path,
bool *out_of_capacity);
// Joins the session keyring to get the directory encryption keys.
void JoinSessionKeyring();
// Prepended to log messages to differentiate between collectors.
const char * const tag_;
bool generate_diagnostics_ = false;
bool directory_failure_ = false;
std::string filter_in_;