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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
description "System-proxy daemon"
author ""
# The service is started by Chrome on demand.
stop on stopping ui
respawn limit 3 5
# Do not respawn if the service is terminated on purpose.
normal exit 0
# Sacrifice before OOM panic.
oom score 0
# TODO (acostinas, Add virtual memory size limit after
# run-time analysis.
# Minijail actually forks off the desired process.
expect fork
pre-start script
# Check if ui is still running before starting the system proxy daemon.
# This is to prevent new dbus-activated instances from getting started once
# the system is beginning to shut down.
if ! initctl status ui | grep -q running; then
exit 0
end script
# Start constructing minijail0 args...
# Make sure minijail0 exits right away and won't block upstart.
args="${args} -i"
# Create a UTS namespace to isolate changes to the host / domain name.
args="${args} --uts"
# Create an IPC namespace (isolate System V IPC objects/POSIX message queues).
args="${args} -l"
# Remount /proc read-only (prevents any messing with it).
args="${args} -r"
# Creates new, empty tmp directory (technically, mounts tmpfs).
args="${args} -t"
# Prevent that execve gains privileges, required for seccomp filters.
args="${args} -n"
# Apply seccomp policy.
args="${args} -S /usr/share/policy/system-proxy-seccomp.policy"
# Use a minimalistic mount namespace.
args="${args} --profile minimalistic-mountns"
# Mount /run as tmpfs read-only.
args="${args} -k tmpfs,/run,tmpfs,MS_NOSUID|MS_NODEV|MS_NOEXEC"
# Bind-mount /run/dbus read-only for D-Bus to work.
args="${args} -b /run/dbus"
# Bind-mount /sbin read-only to start sandboxed processes using minijail0.
args="${args} -b /sbin"
# Bind-mount /run/shill for DNS resolution.
args="${args} -b /run/shill"
# Run as system-proxy user and group.
args="${args} -u system-proxy -g system-proxy"
# Inherit system-proxy's supplementary groups, in particular
# 'password-viewers' to read the login password.
args="${args} -G"
# Run with root permissions so that the daemon can start sandboxed processes.
args="${args} -c cap_sys_admin=e"
# Execute system-proxy.
args="${args} /usr/sbin/system_proxy"
# -e is not specified because the service needs to connect to servers.
exec minijail0 ${args}
end script
# Wait for daemon to claim its D-Bus name before transitioning to started.
post-start exec minijail0 -u system-proxy -g system-proxy /usr/bin/gdbus \
wait --system --timeout 15 org.chromium.SystemProxy