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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "lorgnette/enums.h"
#include <vector>
#include <base/logging.h>
#include <base/strings/string_split.h>
#include <base/strings/stringprintf.h>
#include <re2/re2.h>
namespace {
// Index of the ScannerName within the ':' separated fields of an Airscan or
// IPP-USB device specification. e.g.
// "airscan:escl:ScannerName:"
constexpr size_t kScannerNameIndex = 2;
// Use const char* so that ManufacturerBackend is trivially-destructible.
struct ManufacturerBackend {
const char* name_regex;
DocumentScanSaneBackend airscan;
DocumentScanSaneBackend ippusb;
constexpr ManufacturerBackend manufacturers[] = {
{"brother", kAirscanBrother, kIppUsbBrother},
{"canon", kAirscanCanon, kIppUsbCanon},
{"epson", kAirscanEpson, kIppUsbEpson},
{"kodak", kAirscanKodak, kIppUsbKodak},
{"konica[- ]?minolta", kAirscanKonicaMinolta, kIppUsbKonicaMinolta},
{"kyocera", kAirscanKyocera, kIppUsbKyocera},
{"lexmark", kAirscanLexmark, kIppUsbLexmark},
{"ricoh", kAirscanRicoh, kIppUsbRicoh},
{"samsung", kAirscanSamsung, kIppUsbSamsung},
{"xerox", kAirscanXerox, kIppUsbXerox},
// Keep the HP cases last. It is possible that some other manufacturer
// would use the abbreviation HP within their model name, so we only want
// to match this if no other manufacturer matched.
{"hp", kAirscanHp, kIppUsbHp},
{"hewlett[- ]?packard", kAirscanHp, kIppUsbHp},
DocumentScanSaneBackend GuessManufacturer(DocumentScanSaneBackend base_type,
const std::string& scanner_name) {
DCHECK(base_type == kAirscanOther || base_type == kIppUsbOther);
for (const ManufacturerBackend& manufacturer : manufacturers) {
// Use a case-insensitive match, and require matching at a word boundary
// e.g if we're searching for "HP", we'll match "hp scanner" and "My HP
// scanner" but not "RICOHPrinter".
std::string regex =
base::StringPrintf("(?i)\\b%s\\b", manufacturer.name_regex);
if (RE2::PartialMatch(scanner_name, regex)) {
if (base_type == kAirscanOther)
return manufacturer.airscan;
else if (base_type == kIppUsbOther)
return manufacturer.ippusb;
return base_type;
} // namespace
DocumentScanSaneBackend BackendFromDeviceName(const std::string& device) {
std::vector<std::string> components = base::SplitString(
device, ":", base::KEEP_WHITESPACE, base::SPLIT_WANT_ALL);
const std::string& name = components[0];
if (name == "abaton")
return kAbaton;
if (name == "agfafocus")
return kAgfafocus;
if (name == "airscan") {
if (kScannerNameIndex < components.size())
return GuessManufacturer(kAirscanOther, components[kScannerNameIndex]);
return kAirscanOther;
if (name == "apple")
return kApple;
if (name == "artec")
return kArtec;
if (name == "artec_eplus48u")
return kArtecEplus48U;
if (name == "as6e")
return kAs6E;
if (name == "avision")
return kAvision;
if (name == "bh")
return kBh;
if (name == "canon")
return kCanon;
if (name == "canon630u")
return kCanon630U;
if (name == "canon_dr")
return kCanonDr;
if (name == "cardscan")
return kCardscan;
if (name == "coolscan")
return kCoolscan;
if (name == "coolscan2")
return kCoolscan2;
if (name == "coolscan3")
return kCoolscan3;
if (name == "dc210")
return kDc210;
if (name == "dc240")
return kDc240;
if (name == "dc25")
return kDc25;
if (name == "dell1600n_net")
return kDell1600NNet;
if (name == "dmc")
return kDmc;
if (name == "epjitsu")
return kEpjitsu;
if (name == "epson")
return kEpson;
if (name == "epson2")
return kEpson2;
if (name == "escl")
return kEscl;
if (name == "fujitsu")
return kFujitsu;
if (name == "genesys")
return kGenesys;
if (name == "gt68xx")
return kGt68Xx;
if (name == "hp")
return kHp;
if (name == "hp3500")
return kHp3500;
if (name == "hp3900")
return kHp3900;
if (name == "hp4200")
return kHp4200;
if (name == "hp5400")
return kHp5400;
if (name == "hp5590")
return kHp5590;
if (name == "hpljm1005")
return kHpljm1005;
if (name == "hs2p")
return kHs2P;
if (name == "ibm")
return kIbm;
if (name == "ippusb") {
if (kScannerNameIndex < components.size())
return GuessManufacturer(kIppUsbOther, components[kScannerNameIndex]);
return kIppUsbOther;
if (name == "kodak")
return kKodak;
if (name == "kodakaio")
return kKodakaio;
if (name == "kvs1025")
return kKvs1025;
if (name == "kvs20xx")
return kKvs20Xx;
if (name == "kvs40xx")
return kKvs40Xx;
if (name == "leo")
return kLeo;
if (name == "lexmark")
return kLexmark;
if (name == "ma1509")
return kMa1509;
if (name == "magicolor")
return kMagicolor;
if (name == "matsushita")
return kMatsushita;
if (name == "microtek")
return kMicrotek;
if (name == "microtek2")
return kMicrotek2;
if (name == "mustek")
return kMustek;
if (name == "mustek_usb")
return kMustekUsb;
if (name == "mustek_usb2")
return kMustekUsb2;
if (name == "nec")
return kNec;
if (name == "net")
return kNet;
if (name == "niash")
return kNiash;
if (name == "p5")
return kP5;
if (name == "pie")
return kPie;
if (name == "pixma")
return kPixma;
if (name == "plustek")
return kPlustek;
if (name == "plustek_pp")
return kPlustekPp;
if (name == "qcam")
return kQcam;
if (name == "ricoh")
return kRicoh;
if (name == "ricoh2")
return kRicoh2;
if (name == "rts8891")
return kRts8891;
if (name == "s9036")
return kS9036;
if (name == "sceptre")
return kSceptre;
if (name == "sharp")
return kSharp;
if (name == "sm3600")
return kSm3600;
if (name == "sm3840")
return kSm3840;
if (name == "snapscan")
return kSnapscan;
if (name == "sp15c")
return kSp15C;
if (name == "st400")
return kSt400;
if (name == "stv680")
return kStv680;
if (name == "tamarack")
return kTamarack;
if (name == "teco1")
return kTeco1;
if (name == "teco2")
return kTeco2;
if (name == "teco3")
return kTeco3;
if (name == "test")
return kTest;
if (name == "u12")
return kU12;
if (name == "umax")
return kUmax;
if (name == "umax1220u")
return kUmax1220U;
if (name == "umax_pp")
return kUmaxPp;
if (name == "xerox_mfp")
return kXeroxMfp;
LOG(WARNING) << "Unknown sane backend " << name;
return kOtherBackend;