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/* Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* EC software sync routines for vboot
#include "2sysincludes.h"
#include "2common.h"
#include "2misc.h"
#include "2nvstorage.h"
#include "sysincludes.h"
#include "ec_sync.h"
#include "vboot_api.h"
#include "vboot_common.h"
#include "vboot_display.h"
#include "vboot_kernel.h"
VbError_t ec_sync_all(struct vb2_context *ctx, struct VbCommonParams *cparams)
VbSharedDataHeader *shared =
(VbSharedDataHeader *)cparams->shared_data_blob;
/* Do EC sync phase 1; this determines if we need an update */
VbError_t phase1_rv = ec_sync_phase1(ctx, cparams);
int need_wait_screen = ec_will_update_slowly(ctx, cparams);
* Check if we need to reboot to load the VGA Option ROM before we can
* display the WAIT screen.
* Do this before we check if ec_sync_phase1() requires a reboot for
* some other reason, since there's no reason to reboot twice.
int reboot_for_oprom = (need_wait_screen &&
shared->flags & VBSD_OPROM_MATTERS &&
!(shared->flags & VBSD_OPROM_LOADED));
if (reboot_for_oprom) {
VB2_DEBUG("Reboot to load VGA Option ROM\n");
vb2_nv_set(ctx, VB2_NV_OPROM_NEEDED, 1);
/* Reboot if phase 1 needed it, or if we need to load VGA Option ROM */
if (phase1_rv)
if (reboot_for_oprom)
/* Display the wait screen if we need it */
if (need_wait_screen) {
VB2_DEBUG("EC is slow. Show WAIT screen.\n");
VbDisplayScreen(ctx, cparams, VB_SCREEN_WAIT, 0);
* Do EC sync phase 2; this applies the update and/or jumps to the
* correct EC image.
VbError_t rv = ec_sync_phase2(ctx, cparams);
if (rv)
return rv;
* Reboot to unload VGA Option ROM if:
* - we displayed the wait screen
* - the system has slow EC update flag set
* - the VGA Option ROM was needed and loaded
* - the system is NOT in developer mode (that'll also need the ROM)
if (need_wait_screen &&
(shared->flags & VBSD_OPROM_MATTERS) &&
(shared->flags & VBSD_OPROM_LOADED) &&
!(shared->flags & VBSD_BOOT_DEV_SWITCH_ON)) {
VB2_DEBUG("Reboot to unload VGA Option ROM\n");
vb2_nv_set(ctx, VB2_NV_OPROM_NEEDED, 0);
/* Do EC sync phase 3; this completes synd and handles battery cutoff */
rv = ec_sync_phase3(ctx, cparams);
if (rv)
return rv;