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* Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
/* Display a public key with variable indentation */
void show_pubkey(VbPublicKey *pubkey, const char *sp);
/* Other random functions needed for backward compatibility */
uint8_t *ReadConfigFile(const char *config_file, uint64_t *config_size);
uint8_t *CreateKernelBlob(uint8_t *vmlinuz_buf, uint64_t vmlinuz_size,
enum arch_t arch, uint64_t kernel_body_load_address,
uint8_t *config_data, uint64_t config_size,
uint8_t *bootloader_data, uint64_t bootloader_size,
uint64_t *blob_size_ptr);
uint8_t *SignKernelBlob(uint8_t *kernel_blob, uint64_t kernel_size,
uint64_t padding,
int version, uint64_t kernel_body_load_address,
VbKeyBlockHeader *keyblock, VbPrivateKey *signpriv_key,
uint32_t flags, uint64_t *vblock_size_ptr);
int WriteSomeParts(const char *outfile,
void *part1_data, uint64_t part1_size,
void *part2_data, uint64_t part2_size);
uint8_t *UnpackKPart(uint8_t *kpart_data, uint64_t kpart_size,
uint64_t padding,
VbKeyBlockHeader **keyblock_ptr,
VbKernelPreambleHeader **preamble_ptr,
uint64_t *blob_size_ptr);
int UpdateKernelBlobConfig(uint8_t *kblob_data, uint64_t kblob_size,
uint8_t *config_data, uint64_t config_size);
int VerifyKernelBlob(uint8_t *kernel_blob,
uint64_t kernel_size,
VbPublicKey *signpub_key,
const char *keyblock_outfile,
uint64_t min_version);
uint64_t KernelCmdLineOffset(VbKernelPreambleHeader *preamble);