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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Generate .vbpubk and .vbprivk pairs for use by developer builds. These should
# be exactly like the real keys except that the private keys aren't secret.
# Load common constants and functions.
. "$(dirname "$0")/"
# File to read current versions from.
# ARGS: <version_type>
get_version() {
local version_type=$1
version=$(sed -n "s#^${version_type}=\(.*\)#\1#pg" ${VERSION_FILE})
echo $version
# Get the key versions for normal keypairs
FKEY_VERSION=$(get_version "firmware_key_version")
# Firmware version is the kernel subkey version.
KSUBKEY_VERSION=$(get_version "firmware_version")
# Kernel data key version is the kernel key version.
KDATAKEY_VERSION=$(get_version "kernel_key_version")
# Create the normal keypairs
make_pair root_key $ROOT_KEY_ALGOID
make_pair firmware_data_key $FIRMWARE_DATAKEY_ALGOID $FKEY_VERSION
make_pair dev_firmware_data_key $DEV_FIRMWARE_DATAKEY_ALGOID $FKEY_VERSION
# Create the recovery and factory installer keypairs
make_pair recovery_key $RECOVERY_KEY_ALGOID
make_pair recovery_kernel_data_key $RECOVERY_KERNEL_ALGOID
make_pair installer_kernel_data_key $INSTALLER_KERNEL_ALGOID
# Create the firmware keyblock for use only in Normal mode. This is redundant,
# since it's never even checked during Recovery mode.
make_keyblock firmware $FIRMWARE_KEYBLOCK_MODE firmware_data_key root_key
# Create the dev firmware keyblock for use only in Developer mode.
make_keyblock dev_firmware $DEV_FIRMWARE_KEYBLOCK_MODE dev_firmware_data_key root_key
# Create the recovery kernel keyblock for use only in Recovery mode.
make_keyblock recovery_kernel $RECOVERY_KERNEL_KEYBLOCK_MODE recovery_kernel_data_key recovery_key
# Create the normal kernel keyblock for use only in Normal mode.
make_keyblock kernel $KERNEL_KEYBLOCK_MODE kernel_data_key kernel_subkey
# Create the installer keyblock for use in Developer + Recovery mode
# For use in Factory Install and Developer Mode install shims.
make_keyblock installer_kernel $INSTALLER_KERNEL_KEYBLOCK_MODE installer_kernel_data_key recovery_key
# CAUTION: The public parts of most of these blobs must be compiled into the
# firmware, which is built separately (and some of which can't be changed after
# manufacturing). If you update these keys, you must coordinate the changes
# with the BIOS people or you'll be unable to boot the resulting images.