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/* Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace vboot_reference {
class GoogleBinaryBlockUtil {
// enumerate of available data fields
PROP_FLAGS = -1,// flags (virtual property)
PROP_HWID, // hardware id
PROP_ROOTKEY, // root key
PROP_BMPFV, // bitmap FV
PROP_RCVKEY, // recovery key
PROP_RANGE, // indicator of valid property range
// load GBB from a BIOS image file.
// return true if a valid GBB was retrieved.
bool load_from_file(const char *filename);
// save loaded (and modified) GBB with BIOS image to new file
// return true on success.
bool save_to_file(const char *filename);
// create a new GBB blob by providing a list of reserved data size for each
// properties, following the order described in vb2_gbb_header.
// return true on success.
bool create_new(const std::vector<uint32_t> &create_param);
// retrieve the value of GBB header flags.
// return the flags value.
uint32_t get_flags() const;
// overwrite GBB header flags.
// return true on success.
bool set_flags(const uint32_t flags);
// retrieve the value of a property from GBB data.
// return the property value.
std::string get_property(PROPINDEX i) const;
// overwrite a property in GBB data.
// return true on success.
bool set_property(PROPINDEX i, const std::string &value);
// get a readable name by a property index.
// return the name for valid properties, otherwise unexpected empty string.
std::string get_property_name(PROPINDEX i) const;
// quick getters and setters of known properties in GBB
bool set_hwid(const char *hwid); // NOTE: hwid is NUL-terminated.
bool set_rootkey(const std::string &value);
bool set_bmpfv(const std::string &value);
bool set_recovery_key(const std::string &value);
std::string get_hwid() const { return get_property(PROP_HWID); }
std::string get_rootkey() const { return get_property(PROP_ROOTKEY); }
std::string get_bmpfv() const { return get_property(PROP_BMPFV); }
std::string get_recovery_key() const { return get_property(PROP_RCVKEY); }
// clear all cached data and initialize to original state
void initialize();
// search and count for GBB signatures in loaded image.
// return the number of signatures found.
int search_header_signatures(const std::string &image, long *poffset) const;
// load and check header structure from image by given offset.
// return true if a valid GBB header is loaded into *phdr.
bool load_gbb_header(const std::string &image, long offset,
struct vb2_gbb_header *phdr) const;
// find the size, offset, and name information for given property.
// return true if the offset and size are assign to *poffset and *psize;
// if pname is not NULL, *pname will hold a pointer to a readable name.
// return false if the property index is invalid.
bool find_property(PROPINDEX i, uint32_t *poffset, uint32_t *psize,
const char **pname) const;
struct vb2_gbb_header header_; // copy of GBB header from image
std::string file_content_; // complete image file content
long header_offset_; // offset to GBB header in file_content_
bool is_valid_gbb; // if we are holding a valid GBB
bool verbose; // provide verbose messages
} // namespace vboot_reference