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Usage: memory-eater --size MB [--speed] [--fork] [--repeat N] [--chunk P]
[--wait S]
--size MB: required to specify the buffer size
--fork: fork a child process to double the memory usage
--repeat N: access the pages in the buffer N times
--chunk P: access P pages in the buffer then wait for S seconds
--wait S: wait S seconds between chunks of page accesses
The benchmark has two typical usages:
1) Measure the ZRAM page swap-in rate by trying to access one byte per page.
Example command:
memory-eater --size 3072 --speed --fork --repeat 4 --chunk 500
The program will allocate a 3072MB buffer and fork a child process. Then both
processes will try to access 500 pages in turn until the whole buffer is
touched for 4 times. If the system only has 4GB of RAM, then each accessed page
is paged in from swap. Both processes in the end will report pages/sec as the
2) Create background memory pressure. Example command:
memory-eater --size 3072 --chunk 1000 --wait 1 &
The program will create a 3072MB buffer and access 1000 pages per second.