Revert "Fix cros flash version handling"

This reverts commit ff75f3a8906c3b460cb1d841b24938bb883b6873.

This CL broke "cros flash" when using one of the standard channel commands:

for example:
cros flash ${IP} xbuddy://remote/${BOARD}/latest-canary/test

17:00:43: NOTICE: Preparing to update the remote device ${IP}
17:00:48: ERROR: Device update failed.
17:00:48: ERROR: cros flash failed before completing.
17:00:48: ERROR: Failed to find most recent builds at gs://chromeos-releases/canary-channel/${BOARD}/

TEST=cros flash ${IP} xbuddy://remote/${BOARD}/latest-canary/test

Change-Id: Ifdde06fbdc2c9ad95a2c4f12f534f98e18aff05d
Commit-Ready: Nicolas Boichat <>
Tested-by: Daniel Kurtz <>
Reviewed-by: Kuang-che Wu <>
diff --git a/ b/
index 353c2f7..c3fdb9a 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@
     The most recent version number found.
-  cmd = 'gsutil ls -d %s' % gsutil_dir
+  cmd = 'gsutil ls %s' % gsutil_dir
   msg = 'Failed to find most recent builds at %s' % gsutil_dir
   dir_names = [p.split('/')[-2] for p in GSUtilRun(cmd, msg).splitlines()]