fromupstream: pause again if a conflict isn't resolved

Typically this happens when the user forgets to run `git am --continue`
or similar, like so:

    $ fromupstream pw://12345 --bug chromium:123 --test "not really"
    Please resolve the conflicts and restart the shell job when done. …
    $ (fix the conflicts)
    $ git add
    $ fg

Previously, this would add TEST=, BUG=, etc. to whatever was at HEAD
before, which is quite annoying and not immediately obvious. Now it'll
show an error and pause the script again.

TEST=`fromupstream msgid:// --buganizer 14987353 --test TODO`
     then `fg` immediately (multiple times if you like). Then run `git
     am --continue` and run `fg` one last time; it should then succeed.

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