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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This contains tests for bundle_firmware using the unittest framework.
It supports creating a few images so far, but the testing is very basic.
import collections
import os
import shutil
import unittest
import tempfile
from bundle_firmware import Bundle
import bundle_firmware
import cros_output
from tools import Tools
def GetFlagName(index):
"""Returns the flag name for the given index value (0...n-1)."""
return bundle_firmware.gbb_flag_properties.keys()[index]
def GetFlagValue(index):
"""Returns the flag value for the given index value (0...n-1)."""
return bundle_firmware.gbb_flag_properties.values()[index]
class TestBundleFirmware(unittest.TestCase):
"""Unit test class for"""
def setUp(self):
"""Set up filenames for running the test.
A fake U-Boot binary is created ready for use in tests.
self._file_upto = 0 # How many files we have created
self.tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
self.output = cros_output.Output() = Tools(self.output)
self.bundle = Bundle(, self.output)
self.uboot_fname = self.MakeRandomFile(500 * 1024)
self.bmpblk_fname = os.path.abspath('bin/bmpblk.bin')
self.bct_fname = os.path.abspath('bin/board.bct')
self.bundle.SetOptions(False, None)
def tearDown(self):
"""Clean up after completion of tests."""
del self.bundle
# Delete the temporary directory created by the tools object.
del self.output
def TmpName(self, file_num):
"""Returns a suitable filename for the given temporary file number.
file_num: The temporary file number (0 is the first).
The filenme of the file_num'th file.
return os.path.join(self.tmpdir, '%02d.bin' % file_num)
def MakeRandomFile(self, size):
"""Make a file of the given size, and fill it with pseudo-random data.
The file will be created in the 'bin' directory.
Uses the contents of lorem.txt from here:
Based on an algorithm here:
size: Size of file to create, in bytes.
Absolute path to the created file.
fname = os.path.abspath(self.TmpName(self._file_upto))
self._file_upto += 1
with open(fname, 'wb') as fd:
seed = '1092384956781341341234656953214543219'
words = open('lorem.txt', 'r').read().split()
def _GetData():
"""Continuously yield the next 1024 bytes of data."""
a = collections.deque(words)
b = collections.deque(seed)
while True:
yield ' '.join(list(a)[0:1024])
get_data = _GetData()
upto = 0
while upto < size:
data =
todo = min(size - upto, len(data))
upto += todo
return fname
# pylint: disable=W0212,C6409
def test_NoBoard(self):
"""With no board selected, it should fail."""
self.assertRaises(ValueError, self.bundle.SelectFdt, 'tegra-map.dts', True)
def assertRaisesContains(self, exception, match, func, *args):
except Exception as e:
if not match in str(e):'Unexpected exception thrown: %s' % str(e))
else:'IOError not thrown')
def test_Defaults(self):
"""Test that default handling works correctly."""
uboot_fname = self.MakeRandomFile(600 * 1024)
self.bundle.SetFiles('robin_hood', bct=self.bct_fname,
uboot=uboot_fname, bmpblk=self.bmpblk_fname)
# If we don't ask for defaults, we should not get them. This first one
# raises because it tries to operate on the string None
self.assertRaises(ValueError, self.bundle.SelectFdt, None, False)
# This one raises because the file 'fred' does not exist.
self.assertRaises(IOError, self.bundle.SelectFdt, 'fred', False)
# Same with this one, but we check the filename.
'/build/robin_hood/firmware/dtb/fred.dtb', self.bundle.SelectFdt,
'fred', True)
def test_TooLarge(self):
"""Test for failure when U-Boot exceeds the size available for it."""
uboot_fname = self.MakeRandomFile(900 * 1024)
self.bundle.SetFiles('robin_hood', bct=self.bct_fname,
uboot=uboot_fname, bmpblk=self.bmpblk_fname)
self.bundle.SelectFdt('dts/tegra-map.dts', True)
image = os.path.join(self.tmpdir, 'image.bin')
self.assertRaises(ValueError, self.bundle.Start, 'hwid', image, False)
def test_Normal(self):
"""Test that we get output for a simple case."""
uboot_fname = self.MakeRandomFile(600 * 1024)
self.bundle.SetFiles('robin_hood', bct=self.bct_fname,
uboot=uboot_fname, bmpblk=self.bmpblk_fname)
self.bundle.SelectFdt('dts/tegra-map.dts', True)
image = os.path.join(self.tmpdir, 'image.bin')
out_fname = self.bundle.Start('hwid', image, False)
# We expect the size to be 2MB.
# TODO( Read this from the fdt file instead.
self.assertEquals(os.stat(image).st_size, 2 * 1024 * 1024)
def test_Flags(self):
bundle = self.bundle
self.assertEquals(0, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(0, None))
# Make sure each flag works.
all = []
all_value = 0
for flag, value in bundle_firmware.gbb_flag_properties.iteritems():
self.assertEquals(value, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(0, flag))
all_value |= value
# Nop.
self.assertEquals(23, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(23, ''))
self.assertEquals(23, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(23, None))
# Starting from 0, try turning on all flags.
bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(0, ','.join(all)))
# Starting from the value for all flags on, try turning off all flags.
all_off = ['-%s' % item for item in bundle_firmware.gbb_flag_properties]
self.assertEquals(0, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(all_value,
# Make sure + and - work. Start with a random flag.
start_value = GetFlagValue(2) | GetFlagValue(3)
expr = '+%s,+%s,-%s' % (GetFlagName(1), GetFlagName(4), GetFlagName(3))
expect_value = start_value | GetFlagValue(1) | GetFlagValue(4)
expect_value &= ~ GetFlagValue(3)
bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(start_value, expr))
# Try hex value
self.assertEquals(0x69, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(4, '69'))
self.assertEquals(0xc, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(4, 'c'))
self.assertEquals(0xc, bundle.DecodeGBBFlagsFromOptions(4, '00c'))
if __name__ == '__main__':