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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
import threading
import build_artifact
import common_util
import log_util
class Downloader(log_util.Loggable):
"""Downloader of images to the devsever.
Given a URL to a build on the archive server:
- Caches that build and the given artifacts onto the devserver.
- May also initiate caching of related artifacts in the background.
Private class members:
archive_url: a URL where to download build artifacts from.
static_dir: local filesystem directory to store all artifacts.
build_dir: the local filesystem directory to store artifacts for the given
build defined by the archive_url.
# This filename must be kept in sync with
_TIMESTAMP_FILENAME = 'staged.timestamp'
def __init__(self, static_dir, archive_url):
super(Downloader, self).__init__()
self._archive_url = archive_url
self._static_dir = static_dir
self._build_dir = Downloader.GetBuildDir(static_dir, archive_url)
def ParseUrl(archive_url):
"""Parses archive_url into rel_path and build.
Parses archive_url into rel_path and build e.g.
archive_url: a URL at which build artifacts are archived.
A tuple of (build relative path, short build name)
# The archive_url is of the form gs://server/[some_path/target]/...]/build
# This function discards 'gs://server/' and extracts the [some_path/target]
# as rel_path and the build as build.
sub_url = archive_url.partition('://')[2]
split_sub_url = sub_url.split('/')
rel_path = '/'.join(split_sub_url[1:-1])
build = split_sub_url[-1]
return rel_path, build
def GetBuildDir(static_dir, archive_url):
"""Returns the path to where the artifacts will be staged.
static_dir: The base static dir that will be used.
archive_url: The gs path to the archive url.
# Parse archive_url into rel_path (contains the build target) and
# build e.g. gs://chromeos-image-archive/{rel_path}/{build}.
rel_path, build = Downloader.ParseUrl(archive_url)
return os.path.join(static_dir, rel_path, build)
def _TouchTimestampForStaged(directory_path):
file_name = os.path.join(directory_path, Downloader._TIMESTAMP_FILENAME)
# Easiest python version of |touch file_name|
with file(file_name, 'a'):
os.utime(file_name, None)
def Download(self, artifacts):
"""Downloads and caches the |artifacts|.
Downloads and caches the |artifacts|. Returns once these
are present on the devserver. A call to this will attempt to cache
non-specified artifacts in the background following the principle of
spatial locality.
artifacts: a list of artifact names that correspond to artifacts to stage.
# We are doing some work on this build -- let's touch it to indicate that
# we shouldn't be cleaning it up anytime soon.
# Create factory to create build_artifacts from artifact names.
build = self.ParseUrl(self._archive_url)[1]
factory = build_artifact.ArtifactFactory(self._build_dir, self._archive_url,
artifacts, build)
background_artifacts = factory.OptionalArtifacts()
if background_artifacts:
required_artifacts = factory.RequiredArtifacts()
str_repr = [str(a) for a in required_artifacts]
self._Log('Downloading artifacts %s.', ' '.join(str_repr))
self._DownloadArtifactsSerially(required_artifacts, no_wait=True)
def _DownloadArtifactsSerially(self, artifacts, no_wait):
"""Simple function to download all the given artifacts serially.
artifacts: List of build_artifact.BuildArtifact instances to download.
no_wait: If True, don't block waiting for artifact to exist if we fail to
immediately find it.
for artifact in artifacts:
def _DownloadArtifactsInBackground(self, artifacts):
"""Downloads |artifacts| in the background.
Downloads |artifacts| in the background. As these are backgrounded
artifacts, they are done best effort and may not exist.
artifacts: List of build_artifact.BuildArtifact instances to download.
self._Log('Invoking background download of artifacts for %r', artifacts)
thread = threading.Thread(target=self._DownloadArtifactsSerially,
args=(artifacts, False))