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#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This is a tool for picking patches from upstream and applying them."""
from __future__ import print_function
import ConfigParser
import argparse
import functools
import mailbox
import os
import pprint
import re
import signal
import subprocess
import sys
import textwrap
import urllib
import xmlrpclib
errprint = functools.partial(print, file=sys.stderr)
_PWCLIENTRC = os.path.expanduser('~/.pwclientrc')
def _get_conflicts():
"""Report conflicting files."""
resolutions = ('DD', 'AU', 'UD', 'UA', 'DU', 'AA', 'UU')
conflicts = []
lines = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'status', '--porcelain',
for line in lines:
if not line:
resolution, name = line.split(None, 1)
if resolution in resolutions:
conflicts.append(' ' + name)
if not conflicts:
return ''
return '\nConflicts:\n%s\n' % '\n'.join(conflicts)
def _find_linux_remote():
"""Find a remote pointing to a Linux upstream repository."""
git_remote = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'remote'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
remotes = git_remote.communicate()[0].strip()
for remote in remotes.splitlines():
rurl = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'remote', 'get-url', remote],
url = rurl.communicate()[0].strip()
if not rurl.returncode and url in LINUX_URLS:
return remote
return None
def _pause_for_merge(conflicts):
"""Pause and go in the background till user resolves the conflicts."""
git_root = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'rev-parse',
paths = (
os.path.join(git_root, '.git', 'rebase-apply'),
os.path.join(git_root, '.git', 'CHERRY_PICK_HEAD'),
for path in paths:
if os.path.exists(path):
errprint('Found "%s".' % path)
errprint('Please resolve the conflicts and restart the '
'shell job when done. Kill this job if you '
'aborted the conflict.')
os.kill(os.getpid(), signal.SIGTSTP)
# TODO: figure out what the state is after the merging, and go based on
# that (should we abort? skip? continue?)
# Perhaps check last commit message to see if it's the one we were using.
def _get_pw_url(project):
"""Retrieve the patchwork server URL from .pwclientrc.
project: patchwork project name; if None, we retrieve the default
from pwclientrc
config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()[_PWCLIENTRC])
if project is None:
project = config.get('options', 'default')
except (ConfigParser.NoSectionError, ConfigParser.NoOptionError):
errprint('Error: no default patchwork project found in %s.'
if not config.has_option(project, 'url'):
errprint("Error: patchwork URL not found for project '%s'" % project)
url = config.get(project, 'url')
# Strip trailing 'xmlrpc' and/or trailing slash.
return re.sub('/(xmlrpc/)?$', '', url)
def _wrap_commit_line(prefix, content):
line = prefix + '=' + content
indent = ' ' * (len(prefix) + 1)
return textwrap.fill(line, COMMIT_MESSAGE_WIDTH, subsequent_indent=indent)
def _pick_patchwork(url, patch_id, args):
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'FROMLIST: '
opener = urllib.urlopen('%s/patch/%d/mbox' % (url, patch_id))
if opener.getcode() != 200:
errprint('Error: could not download patch - error code %d'
% opener.getcode())
patch_contents =
if not patch_contents:
errprint('Error: No patch content found')
message_id = mailbox.Message(patch_contents)['Message-Id']
message_id = re.sub('^<|>$', '', message_id.strip())
if args['source_line'] is None:
args['source_line'] = '(am from %s/patch/%d/)' % (url, patch_id)
args['source_line'] += (
'\n(also found at' % message_id)
# Auto-snarf the Change-Id if it was encoded into the Message-Id.
mo = re.match(r'.*(I[a-f0-9]{40})@changeid$', message_id)
if mo and args['changeid'] is None:
args['changeid'] =
if args['replace']:['git', 'reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
git_am = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'am', '-3'], stdin=subprocess.PIPE)
return git_am.returncode
def _match_patchwork(match, args):
"""Match location: pw://### or pw://PROJECT/###."""
pw_project =
patch_id = int(
if args['debug']:
print('_match_patchwork: pw_project=%s, patch_id=%d' %
(pw_project, patch_id))
url = _get_pw_url(pw_project)
return _pick_patchwork(url, patch_id, args)
def _match_msgid(match, args):
"""Match location: msgid://MSGID."""
msgid =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_msgid: message_id=%s' % (msgid))
# Patchwork requires the brackets so force it
msgid = '<' + msgid + '>'
url = None
for url in PATCHWORK_URLS:
rpc = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(url + '/xmlrpc/')
res = rpc.patch_list({'msgid': msgid})
if res:
patch_id = res[0]['id']
errprint('Error: could not find patch based on message id')
return _pick_patchwork(url, patch_id, args)
def _match_linux(match, args):
"""Match location: linux://HASH."""
commit =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_linux: commit=%s' % commit)
# Confirm a 'linux' remote is setup.
linux_remote = _find_linux_remote()
if not linux_remote:
errprint('Error: need a valid upstream remote')
linux_master = '%s/master' % linux_remote
ret =['git', 'merge-base', '--is-ancestor',
commit, linux_master])
if ret:
errprint('Error: Commit not in %s' % linux_master)
if args['source_line'] is None:
git_pipe = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'rev-parse', commit],
commit = git_pipe.communicate()[0].strip()
args['source_line'] = ('(cherry picked from commit %s)' %
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'UPSTREAM: '
if args['replace']:['git', 'reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
return['git', 'cherry-pick', commit])
def _match_fromgit(match, args):
"""Match location: git://remote/branch/HASH."""
remote =
branch =
commit =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_fromgit: remote=%s branch=%s commit=%s' %
(remote, branch, commit))
ret =['git', 'merge-base', '--is-ancestor',
commit, '%s/%s' % (remote, branch)])
if ret:
errprint('Error: Commit not in %s/%s' % (remote, branch))
git_pipe = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'remote', 'get-url', remote],
url = git_pipe.communicate()[0].strip()
if args['source_line'] is None:
git_pipe = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'rev-parse', commit],
commit = git_pipe.communicate()[0].strip()
args['source_line'] = (
'(cherry picked from commit %s\n %s %s)' % (commit, url, branch))
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'FROMGIT: '
if args['replace']:['git', 'reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
return['git', 'cherry-pick', commit])
def _match_gitfetch(match, args):
"""Match location: (git|https)://repoURL#branch/HASH."""
remote =
branch =
commit =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_gitfetch: remote=%s branch=%s commit=%s' %
(remote, branch, commit))
ret =['git', 'fetch', remote, branch])
if ret:
errprint('Error: Branch not in %s' % remote)
url = remote
if args['source_line'] is None:
git_pipe = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'rev-parse', commit],
commit = git_pipe.communicate()[0].strip()
args['source_line'] = (
'(cherry picked from commit %s\n %s %s)' % (commit, url, branch))
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'FROMGIT: '
return['git', 'cherry-pick', commit])
def main(args):
"""This is the main entrypoint for fromupstream.
args: sys.argv[1:]
An int return code.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--bug', '-b',
type=str, help='BUG= line')
parser.add_argument('--test', '-t',
type=str, help='TEST= line')
parser.add_argument('--crbug', action='append',
type=int, help='BUG=chromium: line')
parser.add_argument('--buganizer', action='append',
type=int, help='BUG=b: line')
parser.add_argument('--changeid', '-c',
help='Overrides the gerrit generated Change-Id line')
parser.add_argument('--replace', '-r',
help='Replaces the HEAD commit with this one, taking '
'its properties(BUG, TEST, Change-Id). Useful for '
'updating commits.')
dest='signoff', action='store_false')
parser.add_argument('--debug', '-d', action='store_true',
help='Prints more verbose logs.')
help='Overrides the tag from the title')
parser.add_argument('--source', '-s',
dest='source_line', type=str,
help='Overrides the source line, last line, ex: '
'(am from http://....)')
help='Patchwork ID (pw://### or pw://PROJECT/###, '
'where PROJECT is defined in ~/.pwclientrc; if no '
'PROJECT is specified, the default is retrieved from '
'~/.pwclientrc), '
'Message-ID (msgid://MSGID), '
'linux commit like linux://HASH, or '
'git reference like git://remote/branch/HASH or '
'git://repoURL#branch/HASH or '
args = vars(parser.parse_args(args))
buglist = [args['bug']] if args['bug'] else []
if args['buganizer']:
buglist += ['b:{0}'.format(x) for x in args['buganizer']]
if args['crbug']:
buglist += ['chromium:{0}'.format(x) for x in args['crbug']]
if buglist:
args['bug'] = ', '.join(buglist)
if args['replace']:
old_commit_message = subprocess.check_output(
['git', 'show', '-s', '--format=%B', 'HEAD']
# It is possible that multiple Change-Ids are in the commit message
# (due to cherry picking). We only want to pull out the first one.
changeid_match ='^Change-Id: (.*)$',
old_commit_message, re.MULTILINE)
if changeid_match:
args['changeid'] =
bugs = re.findall('^BUG=(.*)$', old_commit_message, re.MULTILINE)
if args['bug'] is None and bugs:
args['bug'] = '\nBUG='.join(bugs)
tests = re.findall('^TEST=(.*)$', old_commit_message, re.MULTILINE)
if args['test'] is None and tests:
args['test'] = '\nTEST='.join(tests)
# TODO: deal with multiline BUG/TEST better
if args['bug'] is None or args['test'] is None:
parser.error('BUG=/TEST= lines are required; --replace can help '
'automate, or set via --bug/--test')
if args['debug']:
re_matches = (
(re.compile(r'^pw://(([^/]+)/)?(\d+)'), _match_patchwork),
(re.compile(r'^msgid://<?([^>]*)>?'), _match_msgid),
(re.compile(r'^linux://([0-9a-f]+)'), _match_linux),
(re.compile(r'^((git|https)://.+)#(.+)/([0-9a-f]+)$'), _match_gitfetch),
for location in args['locations']:
if args['debug']:
print('location=%s' % location)
for reg, handler in re_matches:
match = reg.match(location)
if match:
ret = handler(match, args)
errprint('Don\'t know what "%s" means.' % location)
if ret != 0:
conflicts = _get_conflicts()
if args['tag'] == 'UPSTREAM: ':
args['tag'] = 'BACKPORT: '
args['tag'] = 'BACKPORT: ' + args['tag']
conflicts = ''
# extract commit message
commit_message = subprocess.check_output(
['git', 'show', '-s', '--format=%B', 'HEAD']
# Remove stray Change-Id, most likely from merge resolution
commit_message = re.sub(r'Change-Id:.*\n?', '', commit_message)
# Note the source location before tagging anything else
commit_message += '\n' + args['source_line']
# add automatic Change ID, BUG, and TEST (and maybe signoff too) so
# next commands know where to work on
commit_message += '\n'
commit_message += conflicts
commit_message += '\n' + 'BUG=' + args['bug']
commit_message += '\n' + _wrap_commit_line('TEST', args['test'])
if args['signoff']:
extra = ['-s']
extra = []
['git', 'commit'] + extra + ['--amend', '-F', '-'],
# re-extract commit message
commit_message = subprocess.check_output(
['git', 'show', '-s', '--format=%B', 'HEAD']
# If we see a "Link: " that seems to point to a Message-Id with an
# automatic Change-Id we'll snarf it out.
mo ='^Link:.*(I[a-f0-9]{40})@changeid', commit_message,
if mo and args['changeid'] is None:
args['changeid'] =
# replace changeid if needed
if args['changeid'] is not None:
commit_message = re.sub(r'(Change-Id: )(\w+)', r'\1%s' %
args['changeid'], commit_message)
args['changeid'] = None
# decorate it that it's from outside
commit_message = args['tag'] + commit_message
# commit everything
['git', 'commit', '--amend', '-F', '-'], stdin=subprocess.PIPE
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':