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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-"
# Copyright 2021 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Handle topics"""
from __future__ import print_function
import sqlite3
import os
from config import topiclist
from common import rebasedb
topics = []
def get_topic(filename, n=None):
"""Return topic associated with filename, or 0 if not found"""
for (subdir, topic, name,) in topics:
if filename and filename.startswith(subdir):
return topic
if n and n == name:
return topic
return 0
conn = sqlite3.connect(rebasedb)
c = conn.cursor()
def update_sha(sha, topic, filename='', base=''):
"""Update topic intormation for given SHA in database"""
filelist = [(sha, topic, filename, base)]
count = 0
while filelist:
(sha, topic, filename, base) = filelist.pop(0)
"select disposition, reason, topic from commits where sha is '%s' order by date"
% (sha))
result = c.fetchone()
if result:
disposition = result[0]
reason = result[1]
t = result[2]
# Generate topic even if disposition is drop. We'll need it for statistics.
# Do not look into stable release and android patches since those will always
# be dropped.
if disposition == 'drop' and reason in ('stable', 'android', 'Intel'):
print("Disposition for '%s' is '%s' ('%s'), skipping" %
(sha, disposition, reason))
return count
# if (disposition == 'drop' and reason != 'revisit' and reason != 'revisit/fixup'
# and reason != 'upstream/fixup' and reason != 'reverted'):
# print("Disposition for '%s' is '%s' ('%s'), skipping" % (sha,
# disposition, reason))
# return count
if t != 0:
if t != topic:
if filename != '':
"topic already set to %d for sha '%s' [%s], skipping"
% (t, sha, filename))
"topic already set to %d for sha '%s' [none], skipping"
% (t, sha))
return count
print("No entry for sha '%s' found in database" % sha)
return count
print(" Adding sha '%s' to topic %d [%s]" % (sha, topic, filename))
c.execute("UPDATE commits SET topic=%d where sha='%s'" % (topic, sha))
count += 1
# print("Attached SHA '%s' to topic %d" % (sha, topic))
# Attach all SHAs touching the same set of files to the same topic.
c.execute("select filename from files where sha is '%s'" % (sha))
for (db_filename,) in c.fetchall():
c.execute("select sha from files where filename is '%s'" %
for (fsha,) in c.fetchall():
# print("Expect to attach sha '%s' to topic %d, file='%s'" %
# (fsha, topic, db_filename))
if fsha != sha and not db_filename.endswith(
'Makefile') and not db_filename.endswith('Kconfig'):
if base != '' and not db_filename.startswith(
base) and get_topic(db_filename) != topic:
print(" Skipping '%s': base '%s' mismatch [%d-%d]" %
(db_filename, base, topic, get_topic(db_filename)))
filelist.append([fsha, topic, db_filename, base])
return count
def handle_topic(topic, subdir, name):
"""Handle one topic"""
count = 0
c.execute('select topic from topics where topic is %d' % topic)
if not c.fetchone():
print("Adding topic %d (%s), subdirectory/file '%s' to database" %
(topic, name, subdir))
c.execute('INSERT INTO topics(topic, name) VALUES (?, ?)', (
print("Handling topic %d (%s), subdirectory/file '%s'" %
(topic, name, subdir))
c.execute("select sha, filename from files where filename like '%s%%'" %
for (sha, filename,) in c.fetchall():
if filename.startswith(subdir):
count += update_sha(sha, topic, filename, subdir)
print('Topic %d (%s): %d entries' % (topic, name, count))
def handle_topics():
"""Main code"""
global topics # pylint: disable=global-statement
c.execute('select sha from commits order by date')
for (sha,) in c.fetchall():
c.execute("UPDATE commits SET topic=0 where sha='%s'" % sha)
topic = 1
topics = []
for [name, subdirs] in topiclist:
for subdir in subdirs:
topics.append((subdir, topic, name))
topic = topic + 1
for (subdir, topic, name,) in topics:
handle_topic(topic, subdir, name)
topic = topic + 1
# Identify left-over commits and assign dynamic topics.
# This time skip entries with disposition=drop; we don't want
# to create additional topics for those.
while True:
print('Topic %d' % topic)
"select sha from commits where topic=0 and disposition <> 'drop' order by date"
# c.execute("select sha from commits where topic=0 order by date")
sha = c.fetchone()
if sha:
c.execute("select filename from files where sha is '%s'" % (sha[0]))
files = c.fetchone()
filename = ''
subdir = ''
if files:
# Try to find a directory name outside include and Documentation
# and use it as file and base (topic)
filename = files[0] + '+'
subdir = os.path.dirname(files[0])
while files and (files[0].startswith('Documentation') or
files[0].endswith('.h') or subdir == ''):
files = c.fetchone()
if files and not files[0].startswith('Documentation') \
and not files[0].endswith('.h') \
and os.path.dirname(files[0]) != '':
filename = files[0] + '+'
subdir = os.path.dirname(files[0])
# Based on a sha, we found a file and subdirectory. Use it to attach
# any matching SHAs to this subdirectory if the match is in a source
# directory.
print('Topic %d [%s, subdir %s]' % (topic, filename, subdir))
if subdir.startswith('include') or subdir.startswith(
'Documentation') or subdir == '':
count = update_sha(sha[0], topic, filename, subdir)
print('Topic %d [%s]: %d entries' % (topic, filename, count))
t = get_topic(None, subdir)
if t:
handle_topic(t, subdir, subdir)
topics.append((subdir, topic, subdir))
handle_topic(topic, subdir, subdir)
topic = topic + 1
if __name__ == '__main__':