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# Copyright (c) 2009-2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Package builder for the dev server."""
import os
from portage import dbapi
from portage import xpak
import portage
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
import cherrypy
def _OutputOf(command):
"""Runs command, a list of arguments beginning with an executable.
command: A list of arguments, beginning with the executable
The output of the command
subprocess.CalledProcessError if the command fails
command_name = ' '.join(command)
cherrypy.log('Executing: ' + command_name, 'BUILD')
p = subprocess.Popen(command, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
output_blob = p.communicate()[0]
if p.returncode != 0:
raise subprocess.CalledProcessError(p.returncode, command_name)
return output_blob
def _FilterInstallMaskFromPackage(in_path, out_path):
"""Filter files matching DEFAULT_INSTALL_MASK out of a tarball.
in_path: Unfiltered tarball.
out_path: Location to write filtered tarball.
# Grab metadata about package in xpak format.
x = xpak.xpak_mem(xpak.tbz2(in_path).get_data())
# Build list of files to exclude. The tar command uses a slightly
# different exclude format than gmerge, so it needs to be adjusted
# appropriately.
# 1. tar matches against relative paths instead of absolute paths,
# so we need to prepend '.' to any paths that don't start with
# a wildcard.
# 2. tar expects the full filename to match (instead of a prefix),
# so we need to append a wildcard to any paths that don't already
# end with a wildcard.
excludes = []
for pattern in os.environ['DEFAULT_INSTALL_MASK'].split():
if not pattern.startswith('*'):
pattern = '.' + pattern
elif not pattern.endswith('*'):
pattern = pattern + '*'
excludes.append('--exclude="%s"' % pattern)
excludes = ' '.join(excludes)
gmerge_dir = os.path.dirname(out_path)
subprocess.check_call(['mkdir', '-p', gmerge_dir])
tmpd = tempfile.mkdtemp()
# Extract package to temporary directory (excluding masked files).
cmd = ('pbzip2 -dc --ignore-trailing-garbage=1 %s'
' | sudo tar -x -C %s %s --wildcards')
subprocess.check_call(cmd % (in_path, tmpd, excludes), shell=True)
# Build filtered version of package.
cmd = 'sudo tar -c --use-compress-program=pbzip2 -C %s . > %s'
subprocess.check_call(cmd % (tmpd, out_path), shell=True)
subprocess.check_call(['sudo', 'rm', '-rf', tmpd])
# Copy package metadata over to new package file.
def _UpdateGmergeBinhost(board, pkg, deep):
"""Add pkg to our gmerge-specific binhost.
Files matching DEFAULT_INSTALL_MASK are not included in the tarball.
root = '/build/%s/' % board
pkgdir = '/build/%s/packages' % board
gmerge_pkgdir = '/build/%s/gmerge-packages' % board
# Create gmerge pkgdir and give us permission to write to it.
subprocess.check_call(['sudo', 'mkdir', '-p', gmerge_pkgdir])
username = os.environ['PORTAGE_USERNAME']
subprocess.check_call(['sudo', 'chown', username, gmerge_pkgdir])
# Load databases.
trees = portage.create_trees(config_root=root, target_root=root)
vardb = trees[root]['vartree'].dbapi
bintree = trees[root]['bintree']
gmerge_tree = dbapi.bintree.binarytree(root, gmerge_pkgdir,
if deep:
# If we're in deep mode, fill in the binhost completely.
gmerge_matches = set(gmerge_tree.dbapi.cpv_all())
bindb_matches = set(bintree.dbapi.cpv_all())
installed_matches = set(vardb.cpv_all()) & bindb_matches
# Otherwise, just fill in the requested package.
gmerge_matches = set(gmerge_tree.dbapi.match(pkg))
bindb_matches = set(bintree.dbapi.match(pkg))
installed_matches = set(vardb.match(pkg)) & bindb_matches
# Remove any stale packages that exist in the local binhost but are not
# installed anymore.
if bindb_matches - installed_matches:
subprocess.check_call(['eclean-%s' % board, '-d', 'packages'])
# Remove any stale packages that exist in the gmerge binhost but are not
# installed anymore.
changed = False
for pkg in gmerge_matches - installed_matches:
gmerge_path = gmerge_tree.getname(pkg)
if os.path.exists(gmerge_path):
changed = True
# Copy any installed packages that have been rebuilt to the gmerge binhost.
for pkg in installed_matches:
build_time, = bintree.dbapi.aux_get(pkg, ['BUILD_TIME'])
build_path = bintree.getname(pkg)
gmerge_path = gmerge_tree.getname(pkg)
# If a package exists in the gmerge binhost with the same build time,
# don't rebuild it.
if pkg in gmerge_matches and os.path.exists(gmerge_path):
old_build_time, = gmerge_tree.dbapi.aux_get(pkg, ['BUILD_TIME'])
if old_build_time == build_time:
cherrypy.log('Filtering install mask from %s' % pkg, 'BUILD')
_FilterInstallMaskFromPackage(build_path, gmerge_path)
changed = True
# If the gmerge binhost was changed, update the Packages file to match.
if changed:
env_copy = os.environ.copy()
env_copy['PKGDIR'] = gmerge_pkgdir
env_copy['ROOT'] = root
env_copy['PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT'] = root
cmd = ['/usr/lib/portage/bin/emaint', '-f', 'binhost']
subprocess.check_call(cmd, env=env_copy)
return bool(installed_matches)
class Builder(object):
"""Builds packages for the devserver."""
def _ShouldBeWorkedOn(self, board, pkg):
"""Is pkg a package that could be worked on, but is not?"""
if pkg in _OutputOf(['cros_workon', '--board=' + board, 'list']):
return False
# If it's in the list of possible workon targets, we should be working on it
return pkg in _OutputOf([
'cros_workon', '--board=' + board, 'list', '--all'])
def SetError(self, text):
cherrypy.response.status = 500
cherrypy.log(text, 'BUILD')
return text
def Build(self, board, pkg, additional_args):
"""Handles a build request from the cherrypy server."""
cherrypy.log('Additional build request arguments: ' + str(additional_args),
def _AppendStrToEnvVar(env, var, additional_string):
env[var] = env.get(var, '') + ' ' + additional_string
cherrypy.log('%s flags modified to %s' % (var, env[var]), 'BUILD')
env_copy = os.environ.copy()
if 'use' in additional_args:
_AppendStrToEnvVar(env_copy, 'USE', additional_args['use'])
if 'features' in additional_args:
_AppendStrToEnvVar(env_copy, 'FEATURES', additional_args['features'])
if (self._ShouldBeWorkedOn(board, pkg) and
not additional_args.get('accept_stable')):
return self.SetError(
'Package is not cros_workon\'d on the devserver machine.\n'
'Either start working on the package or pass --accept_stable '
'to gmerge')
# If user did not supply -n, we want to rebuild the package.
usepkg = additional_args.get('usepkg')
if not usepkg:
rc =['emerge-%s' % board, pkg], env=env_copy)
if rc != 0:
return self.SetError('Could not emerge ' + pkg)
# Sync gmerge binhost.
deep = additional_args.get('deep')
if not _UpdateGmergeBinhost(board, pkg, deep):
return self.SetError('Package %s is not installed' % pkg)
return 'Success\n'
except OSError, e:
return self.SetError('Could not execute build command: ' + str(e))