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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
echo "usage: $(basename $0) <build> <board> ..." >&2
echo "Example:" >&2
echo " $(basename $0) R24-3052.0.0 lumpy lucas" >&2
exit 1
set -e
cd ~chromeos-test/images/servo-images
# Determine the URL for the source image in googlestorage.
# arg 1: Name of build (e.g. "R24-3052.0.0")
# arg 2: Name of board (e.g. "lumpy")
# output: URL of the image for gsutil
select_source_url() {
local build="$1"
local board="$2"
# Older builds keep a collection of files in a ZIP archive named
# "". More recent builds also have an archive named
# "" with just the test image in it. The
# individual test image ZIP archive is smaller, so we prefer that
# one when we have a choice.
local url_base="gs://chromeos-image-archive/$board-release/$build"
local url_fullzip="$url_base/"
local url_singlezip="$url_base/"
if gsutil getacl "$url_singlezip" >/dev/null 2>&1; then
echo "$url_singlezip"
echo "$url_fullzip"
# Deploy a single image for a single board.
# arg 1: Name of build (e.g. "R24-3052.0.0")
# arg 2: Name of board (e.g. "lumpy")
deploy_image() {
local build="$1"
local board="$2"
local image_dir="$build-$board"
local deployed_image="${board}_test_image.bin"
local old_image
if [ -h "$deployed_image" ]; then
old_image=$(readlink "$deployed_image")
local url=$(select_source_url "$build" "$board")
local zip="$image_dir/"
local bin=chromiumos_test_image.bin
mkdir -p "$image_dir"
gsutil cp "$url" "$zip"
unzip -o -d "$image_dir" "$zip" "$bin"
ln -sf "$image_dir/$bin" "$deployed_image"
rm -f "$zip"
if [ -n "$old_image" ]; then
local digits='[0-9][0-9]*'
local pattern="\(R$digits-$digits\.$digits\.$digits-[^/][^/]*\)/..*"
old_image_dir=$(expr "$old_image" : "$pattern" || true)
if [ -z "$old_image_dir" ]; then
echo >&2
echo "Warning: Previous image $old_image wasn't created" >&2
echo "Warning: by this script. You need to manually remove the" >&2
echo "Warning: obsolete image and any associated .zip files." >&2
echo >&2
elif [ -d "$old_image_dir" -a "$old_image_dir" != "$image_dir" ]; then
echo "Cleaning up $old_image_dir" >&2
rm -rf "$old_image_dir"
for BOARD in "$@"; do
deploy_image "$BUILD" "$BOARD"