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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Code to flatten a swarming config, specifically the buildbucket builders.
There are several features in the proto that can be used to reduce code
* builder defaults
* builder mixins
* recipe properties (instead of properties_j)
This code exercises those features and produces a flattened config proto.
import copy
import json
## Public API.
def read_properties(recipe):
"""Parses build properties from the recipe message.
Expects the message to be valid.
Uses NO_PROPERTY for empty values.
result = dict(p.split(':', 1) for p in
for p in recipe.properties_j:
k, v = p.split(':', 1)
parsed = json.loads(v)
result[k] = parsed
return result
def parse_dimensions(strings):
"""Parses dimension strings to a dict {key: (value, expiration_sec)}.
Repeated dimension keys are not supported.
out = {}
for s in strings:
key, value = s.split(':', 1)
expiration_secs = 0
expiration_secs = int(key)
except ValueError:
key, value = value.split(':', 1)
out[key] = (value, expiration_secs)
return out
def format_dimensions(dictionary):
"""Formats a dictionary of dimensions to a list of strings.
Opposite of parse_dimensions.
out = []
for key, (value, expiration_secs) in dictionary.iteritems():
if expiration_secs:
out.append('%d:%s:%s' % (expiration_secs, key, value))
out.append('%s:%s' % (key, value))
return out
def merge_builder(b1, b2):
"""Merges Builder message b2 into b1. Expects messages to be valid.
Repeated dimension keys are not supported.
assert not b2.mixins, 'do not merge unflattened builders'
dims = parse_dimensions(b1.dimensions)
recipe = None
if b1.HasField('recipe') or b2.HasField('recipe'): # pragma: no branch
recipe = copy.deepcopy(b1.recipe)
_merge_recipe(recipe, b2.recipe)
b1.dimensions[:] = format_dimensions(dims)
b1.swarming_tags[:] = sorted(set(b1.swarming_tags))
caches = [t[1] for t in sorted({ c for c in b1.caches}.iteritems())]
del b1.caches[:]
if recipe: # pragma: no branch
def flatten_builder(builder, defaults, mixins):
"""Inlines defaults and mixins into the builder.
Applies defaults, then mixins and then reapplies values defined in |builder|.
Flattenes defaults and referenced mixins recursively.
This operation is NOT idempotent if defaults!=None.
builder (project_config_pb2.Builder): the builder to flatten.
defaults (project_config_pb2.Builder): builder defaults.
May use mixins.
mixins ({str: project_config_pb2.Builder} dict): a map of mixin names
that can be inlined. All referenced mixins must be in this dict.
Applied after defaults.
if not defaults and not builder.mixins:
orig_mixins = builder.mixins
orig_without_mixins = copy.deepcopy(builder)
if defaults:
flatten_builder(defaults, None, mixins)
merge_builder(builder, defaults)
for m in orig_mixins:
flatten_builder(mixins[m], None, mixins)
merge_builder(builder, mixins[m])
merge_builder(builder, orig_without_mixins)
## Private code.
def _merge_recipe(r1, r2):
"""Merges Recipe message r2 into r1.
Expects messages to be valid.
All properties are converted to properties_j.
props = read_properties(r1)
r1.MergeFrom(r2)[:] = []
r1.properties_j[:] = [
'%s:%s' % (k, json.dumps(v))
for k, v in sorted(props.iteritems())
if v is not None