make_chroot: drop python upgrade hack

Now that we're bootstrapping our SDK from newer versions, we can drop
this hack to make sure python is recent enough -- we know it is now.

TEST=`cros tryjob chromiumos-sdk-tryjob` passes

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diff --git a/sdk_lib/ b/sdk_lib/
index c9b1a86..e2ce804 100755
--- a/sdk_lib/
+++ b/sdk_lib/
@@ -574,14 +574,6 @@
 # Add version of stage3 for update checks.
 echo "STAGE3=${FLAGS_stage3_path}" > "${CHROOT_STATE}"
-# TODO( Remove this once stage3 is updated past 2015-Q1.
-# The 2014.09.18 stage3 uses app-admin/eselect-python, but in 2015-Q1 it moved
-# to app-eselect/eselect-python. Since portage depends on python-exec, and
-# python-exec depends on eselect-python, update python and related packages
-# before portage.
-info "Updating python"
-early_enter_chroot emerge -uNv --quiet python:2.7 python setuptools
 # New versions of the stage3 have Python 3 set as the default. Make sure we
 # default to 2.x as our scripts are only compatible with Python 2. We leave
 # Python 3 installed though as we've started including it in our SDK.