don't use user_cp to copy .boto to ~root

user_cp tries to copy as root and as non-root but neither works in this
case if the source is on nfs because root cannot read the source and
non-root cannot write the destination.

TEST=with nfs home dir, enter new chroot and see that sudo gsutil works

Change-Id: Ifc50fe9f639ebd5137fff080b3a5ec2c1a4eec69
Reviewed-by: David James <>
Tested-by: Frank Henigman <>
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diff --git a/sdk_lib/ b/sdk_lib/
index a099b34..d4704ce 100755
--- a/sdk_lib/
+++ b/sdk_lib/
@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@
     if [ -f ${SUDO_HOME}/.boto ]; then
       # Pass --remote-destination to overwrite a symlink.
       user_cp "--remove-destination" "${SUDO_HOME}/.boto" "$chroot_user_boto"
-      user_cp "--remove-destination" "${SUDO_HOME}/.boto" "$chroot_root_boto"
+      cp "--remove-destination" "$chroot_user_boto" "$chroot_root_boto"
     # If user doesn't have a boto file, check if the private overlays