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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Script to modify a keyfob-based chromeos test image to log all dbus
# activity from boot-time forward in a machine-readable replay format.
# This is not part of the main "mod-for-test" for several reasons:
# * it is overly invasive to the boot sequence,
# * it has major run-time performance downsides,
# * it consumes potentially huge amounts of disk space over time.
# Any one of these are too-great of a depature from "normal" Chrome OS
# to be appropriate for a "faithful" test-system. Note that dbus-monitor(1)
# is available for casual/interactive use in normal mod-for-test systems.
# Dbusspy-instrumented systems are only intended for narrow use cases, like
# corpus collection for fuzzing, where the above trade-offs are acceptable.
. "$(dirname "$0")/" || exit 1
DEFINE_string image "$FLAGS_image" "Location of the test image file" i
# Parse command line
FLAGS "$@" || exit 1
eval set -- "$FLAGS_ARGV"
FLAGS_image=$(eval readlink -f "${FLAGS_image}")
IMAGE_DIR=$(dirname "${FLAGS_image}")
IMAGE_NAME=$(basename "${FLAGS_image}")
DBUS_CONF="$(dirname "$0")/mod_for_dbusspy/dbus.conf"
SYSTEM_LOCAL_CONF="$(dirname "$0")/mod_for_dbusspy/system-local.conf"
cleanup() {
"${SCRIPTS_DIR}/" -u -r "$ROOT_FS_DIR"
if [ ! -d "$VBOOT_DIR" ]; then
die_notrace \
"The required path: $VBOOT_DIR does not exist. This directory needs"\
"to be sync'd into your chroot.\n $ cros_workon start vboot_reference"
trap cleanup EXIT
# Mounts gpt image and sets up var, /usr/local and symlinks.
"$SCRIPTS_DIR/" --image="$IMAGE_NAME" --from="$IMAGE_DIR" \
# A bunch of existing stuff is set to start up as soon as dbus is considered
# to have started. Instead of modifying all of those things to instead
# wait for dbus-spy to be started, drop dbus-spy in as "dbus" which,
# in turn, waits on "realdbus." This way we don't race other services
# and are guaranteed to capture all dbus events from boot onward.
sudo cp -a "${ROOT_FS_DIR}/etc/init/dbus.conf" \
sudo cp "${DBUS_CONF}" "${ROOT_FS_DIR}/etc/init/dbus.conf"
sudo cp "${SYSTEM_LOCAL_CONF}" "${ROOT_FS_DIR}/etc/dbus-1/system-local.conf"
# Unmount and re-sign. See for why this isn't using
# cros_make_image_bootable.
"${VBOOT_DIR}/" usb "${FLAGS_image}" \
mv "${TMP_BIN_PATH}" "${FLAGS_image}"